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Agency for Digitisation


Agency for Digitisation was set up by the Ministry of Finance as part of an initiative to transform the central government of Denmark into a flourishing digital society. With the Danish population embracing the mobile revolution and engaging in web browsing from a range of devices, the agency needed to improve the users’ experience of its online public sector services. The current system needed to change to accommodate all mobile devices and tablets. The Agency for Digitisation* subsequently set itself a target for the end of 2015 - that 80% of all communications between citizens and the public sector would take place online.

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In 2005, various public sector services had their own separate websites across Denmark. However, this was not cost effective and a more centralised system that offered access to all government agencies was preferred.

The strategy that was devised to deal with this challenge was a new system that would allow all citizens access to a wide range of services, e.g. ordering a new passport or applying for a school place.

"51Degrees’ device detection had a simple and easy installation framework." - Kaspar Høgdall Mølgaard | Agency of Digitisation

When the initiative was first rolled out, consumers were mostly using desktop PCs or laptops. A decade later, the consumer model of internet usage has changed as the mobile revolution continues to gain pace. Allegiance has now shifted to mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets, of which there are countless variations.

As the Danish consumer has moved from a “one to many” model of usage, organizations have had to focus on developing the accessibility of their information. In 2013, 51.6% of the population accessed the internet from a mobile phone, but this figure is expected to grow to 74.4% by 2017**. Denmark is also seeing a shift in consumer access patterns; users are accessing the web multiple times for short periods rather than once a day for longer periods.

The focus for development needs to revolve around consistency of experience, ensuring the user receives the same look and feel whether they are on a desktop or mobile.

Borger.dk is a government website where Danish citizens can find information about everything relating to public services.

Why 51Degrees

After a good initial test, 51Degrees was employed to provide a device detection service which was implemented with ease and offered support to a large number of devices. 51Degrees detects more than 345,000 unique combinations of browser, operating system and hardware across a growing database of more than 36,000. 51Degrees can accurately detect any smartphone, tablet or desktop that is used to visit the Agency of Digitisation portal.

Furthermore, the Agency of Digitisation implemented the 51Degrees Premium solution which allows it to detect a number of other client attributes, such as browser type and software capabilities of the device. The governmental agency found that “51Degrees’ device detection had a simple and easy installation framework and requires only simple maintenance”.

Danish citizens use the national log in component to securely access public services.

"The Danish public sector and the centralised national login component, use 51Degrees for mobile device detection to communicate with Danish citizens on their mobile device of choice. This is an important enabler to ensure Danes embrace the digital Danish public sector." - Kaspar Høgdall Mølgaard | Agency of Digitisation


Empowered by device detection, the Agency for Digitisation is now capable of delivering an optimized and relevant user experience that is geared towards the mobile revolution.

It has been able to provide a mobile solution to the users of public e-services which has helped dramatically towards its online target of 80% access. By implementing 51Degrees, the Agency of Digitisation did not have to invest time and money into building its own in-house mobile detection solution.

The expertise displayed by 51Degrees in the web optimisation space meant the agency was able to prioritise other elements of its work, safe in the knowledge that 51Degrees is fulfilling this important role.

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* An agency of the Ministry of Finance established in 2011 to speed up the digitisation processes required to modernise the Danish welfare society.

** Source: Statista

Contact our team to find out more about how 51Degrees can help you deliver adaptive content today.

Key Points


  • The Agency for Digitisation set a target for 80% of all communications between citizens and the public sector to take place online by the end of 2015.
  • The existing public sector online infrastructure was not set up to deal with modern consumer internet usage as it had moved from ”one device to many devices”.
  • The agency needed to change the IT solution for accessing public sector services online to support any device.


  • Set up a new secure public sector portal that was accessible to all citizens regardless of the device being used for access.
  • Source device detection from 51Degrees to help with transparency around the type of device being used to access the government portal that could also keep abreast of technological advancements and browsing choices.


  • The public sector is now more accessible online to more citizens as the interaction model moves from one to many device types.
  • By outsourcing its device detection needs to 51Degrees', the AoD knows it is getting accurate and up-to-date device information whilst saving time and tax payers' money.

About 51Degrees

51Degrees was founded in 2009 by James Rosewell and is the home of THE fastest and most accurate Device Detection software commercially available. Originating from the 51Degrees Open Source Foundation project, over 1,500,000 websites now use 51Degrees to detect mobile devices and redirect initial requests to a mobile friendly home page optimized for the user.

The company serves many of the world’s leading brands including Unilever, EBay, Microsoft, IBM, Hyundai and T-Mobile, and as well as its flagship device detection software, the product portfolio spans responsive web design tools, image optimization and enhanced analytics.

Based in Reading, UK, the company name originated from its geographical latitude at 51 Degrees. Since launching the company in 2009 51Degrees has expanded rapidly and its software is deployed in over 200 countries across every continent around the world.

About Device Detection:

Device detection empowers a web page to understand a great deal of information about the device that is visiting the site prior to making a decision about the content to send to it. This could include information on browser type and capability, processing power of the device, and screen resolution, to name but three of thousands of categories.

Device detection is an important facet of personalisation but does not require a user to register or share personal preferences. Armed with this information websites can send content that is not only optimised for detailed device specifications but also contextualises the likely environment of the user, delivering a better user experience.