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Unleash your digital potential

Unleash your digital potential

Richer online insights

Use real-time data superpowers including advanced device detection and geolocation to build a high-fidelity picture of the people interacting with you online.

Dazzling user experiences

Your audience wants relevant content, instantly, whatever their device. Now you can create personalized, smooth, adaptive digital experiences that make them feel special.

Epic conversion rates

Remove the frustrating digital roadblocks that are hindering your business and watch engaged users become satisfied customers – again and again.


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Our platform, Pipeline API, gives you unique access to the fastest, most accurate real-time data services from us and our trusted data partners.

How device detection works

How device detection works

Armed with the right device detection tools, your online content can get accurate device-specific information in real time

Device detection technology uses HTTP headers such as the User-Agent and User-Agent Client Hints to gather device information.

The User-Agent has been around for decades. All the information on the device’s model, browser, and software is contained within a combination of characters called the User-Agent string.

User-Agent Client Hints are a recent addition to the HTTP header family. Information that was previously kept in one neat place within the User-Agent string is now divided between multiple headers.

Want to know what information we know about your device from your HTTP headers? Visit our me page.

  • No customer consent required. Device detection does not require cookie permission. The technology uses the HTTP request headers that are sent between the client and the server.
  • A human touch. Our team of data analysts regularly maintain and update our device database, resulting in 2,837,348 device combinations.
  • Future-proof solution. We're actively engaged in discussions on the future of the web through our participation with Movement for an Open Web. You can trust that we are prepared for any market changes.