Website Optimization

Website Optimization

With the various devices used to access the web, how can you guarantee a smooth user experience? Optimize your websites with device detection and geolocation real-time data.

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Responsive web design

Responsive web design (RWD) adapts a web page for different device types, such as mobile, tablet, or desktop.

While it can be a good place to start, RWD isn’t enough to offer your users a smooth experience. It’s a one-size-fits-all solution that doesn’t consider the wide range of devices out there.

Device detection gives you access to real-time data for content adaptation. Enhance device type information with details such as the age, price, processing power, or screen size (in pixels, millimeters, or inches).

If you're looking to improve conversion rates or page performance, accurate device data can help inform your decisions. Use lighter-weight page design for smaller, older, or cheaper devices to keep page loading speeds lightning fast. Use A/B testing to optimize processes and maximize conversion rates on every device.

Deliver lighter and faster web pages, reduce your bounce rates, and improve your conversion rates with device detection.

Real-time data points

Real-time data points

For in-depth device information, the 51Degrees screen size properties can inform your content layout decisions. Device price and age can help you tailor your website content.

We have properties that can identify mobiles, smartphones, smartwatches, or tablets. We can also detect the hardware model, name, and vendor.

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Mobile device detection

People are increasingly using smartphones to browse the web. Keeping track of all the different device manufacturers, models, and names can be time-consuming.

Optimizing your digital business for all these devices can be tricky – unless you have the right tools for the job.

Our mobile device detection service helps you identify and segment your mobile audience, allowing for better understanding and optimization decisions. With this information, you can tailor the user experience based on the mobile device’s features and capabilities.

We are also able to detect Apple and iOS devices, despite Apple’s effort to homogenize their device information. We’re clear on what results you can expect from our Apple device detection.

Armed with accurate mobile device data, you can create opportunities to maximize your mobile conversion rate.

Mobile device data

Mobile device data

We can detect a device’s hardware, software, and browser, all in real-time. We can also detect whether the device is a crawler, to save you wasting resources on a bot.

If you deal with physical mobile devices, you could use our TAC intelligence to identify device details.

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E-commerce and image optimization

Potential customers are flocking to your e-commerce website, but the conversion rate isn’t quite what you’d expect. Poor user experience could be causing you to lose business.

Create a smoother customer journey from with device detection and geolocation.

From small screen smartphones to larger desktop monitors, ensure your landing page displays correctly with adaptive design based on the device. Improve your website performance by optimizing your images for the screen size. Show tailor-made advertising based on their location. And when they’re finally ready to make that purchase, autofill their address for a speedier transaction.

There are endless routes to smoother user experiences and speedier conversions. Remove the barriers that cause cart abandonment with real-time data.

Which properties?

Which properties?

For image optimization, you will need the device screen size in pixels. For local advertising, you will need our geolocation properties.

We have over 270 device and location properties available, providing many optimization opportunities. The data you need will be specific to your business, look at our full range of properties for inspiration.

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Case Studies

See how we helping customers like eDate, Home Shopping Network, OpenText, and Wiggle with website optimization.

How to start using 51Degrees

Accurate device detection for web optimization

51Degrees has different deployment methods, including cloud and on-premise. For cloud, you will need to create a Resource Key with your desired properties from our Cloud Configurator. After creating your Resource Key, we will provide you with code to implement.

We have documentation for each API language to get you started with on-premise device detection.

You can access a free 30-day trial by contacting us for more information.

What makes 51Degrees stand out from the crowd?

  • Our free trial gives you access to all the data, so you can make an informed decision.
  • Various deployment options in a range of API languages, all provided open-source and free via GitHub.
  • We’re an ISO 9001 and 27001 certified company, so you can trust in our high-quality service.
  • Our Data team update our device database of 2,837,348 combinations daily. We source our data from real devices, vendors, or optional usage sharing. We don’t cut corners by scraping the web.