Case study eDate


Leading online dating site eDate.com boasts a customer-base of over 50 million members worldwide.

Founded in 2003, eDate (previously known as Mate1) has witnessed an evolving e-dating industry. They realized that to be ahead of the curve, they needed to improve their site with a focus on customer satisfaction.

The Challenge

The web has changed a lot since 2003, when most people could only access the internet via a chunky desktop computer. The rise (and dominance) of the mobile phone meant more people wanted to use their portable mobile to access online dating.

Increasingly, eDate found that the desktop version of their site was not optimized for their growing number of mobile users, and changing the site wasn’t an easy task.

They decided the best course of action was to launch a separate mobile version of their website. However, they needed a little helping hand to improve their user experience and redirect mobiles users from the desktop version of the site.

Two phones side by side, displaying a couple holding a heart between them

The Solution

Since 2013, eDate has been using 51Degrees Device Detection to quickly and accurately detect the device model that their customers were using, enabling eDate to optimize the experience based on the device.

An additional benefit was that changes to eDate’s service could be rolled out in phases without impacting the revenue-generating desktop version of their site.

Device Detection also allowed eDate to optimize site performance and solve device-specific problems, such as designing for different mobile screen sizes and formats. They were also able to prioritize and correct issues faster by tracking performance based on the number of customers using each device type.

The Result

With the power of Device Detection, eDate is now able to tie conversions and revenue to specific devices, boosting their optimization and user experience efforts. They can stay competitive while continuing to provide the best service for their customers.

51Degrees has met our requirements with very little training or troubleshooting needed. Brian McDonaldVP of Operations, eDate

Not all mobile phones are created equal. eDate’s customers can confidently access their online dating site, whether they use a phone with low-end specifications or the latest flagship phones. Each customer, regardless of their device, can get the best user experience.

About Device Detection Version 4

eDate has been using 51Degrees Device Detection for 10 years now, and they recently migrated from Version 3 of our service to Version 4.

The User-Agent as we know it is changing – Google is reducing the amount of information within the Chrome User-Agent. Instead, device model and version information will be contained within User-Agent Client Hints.

Version 4 of the 51Degrees service is significant as it fully supports the changes to the User-Agent and the new User-Agent Client Hints. Our device detection accuracy remains unchanged, regardless of what happens in the industry.

Learn more about Version 4