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Device Detection

Customers are happier with device detection

Better user experiences with device detection

Great device detection provides your users the best experience when accessing your web site whether they're using tablets, feature phones, smartphones, TVs, or old fashioned big screen desktop and laptop computers.

51Degrees is the world's fastest and most accurate device detection solution. Here's why:

  • Fastest: Sub millisecond performance, peaking at more than 5,000,000 detections per second
  • Proven: Deployed on more than 1,500,000 web sites and rising
  • Comprehensive: 29,926 hardware devices and 363,554 combinations of browser, operating system and hardware, more than anyone else
  • Accurate: 99.9% detection accuracy

51Degrees ensures your customer's screen size doesn't get in the way of your brand conversations.

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How Device Detection Works


Request received by web site

Request for web page received by web site or content management system.


Web site detects device type

51Degrees client hosted high performance device detection uses finger prints (HTTP headers including user agents) relating to over 363,554 device, browser and operating system combinations to work out the type of device in less than 1 millisecond.


Web site responds with page optimised for the device type

Your web site returns a page optimised for the precise screen and device type ensuring maximum performance and the best user experience every time.

We've Found You...

Ow. You're not a human. Here's some text for search engines which might be read by humans. 51Degrees device detection uses HTTP headers, including user agent, to identify the type of device requesting a page and return web pages optimsied for the device. It's easy to implement and drives better user experiences.

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Benefits of Device Detection

  • User Experience: Improved web site goal completion on every type of device through optimised processes and lighter weight page design for mobiles and tablets. Enables A/B testing including factors such as physical screen size.

  • Enhanced Analysis: Increased understanding of web site activity as physical screen size, price band and browser capabilities complement your existing web site analysis tools.

  • Easy Deployment: Simple implementation improves developer productivity, reduces testing time and ultimately speeds up time to market.


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We Track Over 343,995 Device Combinations. Here's 5 of the Latest Devices...

About the Technology

  • Free Open Source: Permissive open source licencing (Mozilla Public Licence 2) provides full access to source code and permits commercial use.

  • Platforms: Native APIs for .NET, Java, PHP, C, Python and Perl are easy to deploy. Millions of web sites have already deployed.

  • Future Proof: Unlike competitor solutions built in the last decade when a few 1000 devices existed, 51Degrees modern algorithms are designed to continuously deliver high performance as device combinations grow to a million and beyond.

  • Fastest: All detection performed on client equipment providing sub millisecond performance and negating the need for real time cloud detection services.

  • Content Management Systems: Integrates with more than 20 leading Content Management Systems making deployment and configuration a doddle.

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