Data and analytics

Data and analytics

Empower your decision-making with enhanced device detection and geolocation data on your analytics platform.

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Real-time data

A data-driven approach is key to successful business intelligence. But even the smallest amount of missing data on your audience can result in poorly informed decisions.

You need to be confident that the analytical data you have covers all the bases.

51Degrees real-time data can help you build a better understanding of the people interacting with you online. Our Device Detection and Geolocation services are fast and precise, giving you confidence in your digital analytics reporting and audience segmentation.

We can provide details on the device specifications, such as the hardware, screen size, or price at launch. We can also detect location information right down to the building name. That's only a small sample of what we can detect. With over 270 data properties available, you're bound to find the data you need to achieve success.

All areas of business, including marketing and operations, can thrive with access to real-time analytics. An in-depth understanding of your audience can help you maximize conversion rates and increase your revenues.

It's time to supercharge your business intelligence tools with enhanced real-time data.

Device and location data for analytics solutions

Device and location data for analytics solutions

The 51Degrees data points you need will depend on your business use case.

We can detect device hardware, software, browsers, and crawler activity. Our DeviceId property combines this information in one place, allowing for comparison across different digital channels.

You could even gather data on the price or age of a device. You wouldn’t want to advertise luxury watches to someone using a ten-year-old mobile device, for example.

A range of environments such as websites, apps, and advertising can benefit from this real-time data. Or you can use it to enhance website analytical platforms such as Google Analytics or Matomo Analytics.

Use our enhanced analytics data for:

With device detection and geolocation data, build an in-depth picture of how your audience interacts with you online. Use this information to identify trends, anomalies, and other valuable insights that can inform your marketing and business decisions.

People use different devices to access the internet, so your content needs to look good on any screen size. Use device detection to understand your mobile analytics and identify device-specific optimization opportunities. A good user experience means more happy customers.

Use post-processing data analysis to find trends in website and app performance issues. Investigate based on device types, browsers, or operating systems. Create quicker resolutions, better user engagement, and more upselling opportunities.

Spam traffic hitting your website makes it harder to see how the real people interact with your site. This bot traffic can also negatively inflate your reporting, making it seem like your website is performing better than it is. Use our real-time crawler identification service to filter out this bot traffic.

Use analytics data to display content
Use analytics data to display content
for all shapes and sizes
for all shapes and sizes

Case Studies

Businesses like OpenText,, Seznam, and Team Internet are achieving better analytical data with 51Degrees.

How to start using 51Degrees

Accurate device detection and geolocation for data and analytics platforms

51Degrees has different deployment methods, including cloud and on-premise. For cloud, you will need to create a Resource Key with your desired properties from our Cloud Configurator. After creating your Resource Key, we will provide you with code to implement.

We have documentation for each API language to get you started with on-premise device detection.

You can access a free 30-day trial by contacting us for more information.

What makes 51Degrees stand out from the crowd?

  • Our free trial gives you access to all the data, so you can make an informed decision.
  • Various deployment options in a range of API languages, all provided open-source and free via GitHub.
  • We’re an ISO 9001 and 27001 certified company, so you can trust in our high-quality service.
  • Our Data team update our device database of 2,837,348 combinations daily. We source our data from real devices, vendors, or optional usage sharing. We don’t cut corners by scraping the web.