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About Us

51Degrees at a Glance

51Degrees works with existing CMS, analytics solutions, databases, and web infrastructure

We help designers, creators and business leaders like you make amazing website experiences based on responsive design principles.

Our software helps teams like yours to reduce both the cost and time involved in creating, testing and deployment of mobile websites, which means the tech never gets in the way of the user experience.

We’re trusted by millions of people.

We know because over 1.5 million active deployments in virtually every country around the world use our device detection software day in and day out. Our active customer community tells us what they need and we work hard every day to deliver on our promises. Big brand customers like eBay, Hyundai, Disney, T-Mobile and more use 51Degrees.

We are THE fastest and the most accurate device detection service there is.

This may be easy to say (and for others to claim!), but our evidence is not in dispute. Our accuracy comes from our device combinations database – at 1,418,881 it’s the largest. It’s not locked up in a vault designed for the last decade or getting dusty on a shelf - it’s checked and updated every day, because we know that over 150 devices are launched worldwide every week. Our performance speeds are awesome too. We go direct, avoiding clouds for real time device detection. Capable of more than 22 million detections a second we're the fastest available.