Our vision

Our vision

The truth is, people are used to a crappy web. Slow, inefficient, generic experiences cause frustration for users and lost revenue opportunities for businesses. The problem is, they don't even know what they're missing. We're here to change that.

Access to real-time digital data (no matter how hard it is to achieve) improves user experiences. Better user experiences = more engaged customers who do more, spend more, share more, and keep coming back for more. But getting there isn't easy.

Our top-notch, no-nonsense engineers know that marketing B*** S*** is confusing. That's why we work in the open: open code, open solutions, clear data points – underpinned by a clear, innovative, Amazon Prime-style B2B subscription model for any business.

We're actively involved in standards and debates concerning the future of digital services through our participation with Movement for an Open Web.

We're making the digital world more rewarding for everyone.

  • Collaboration. We can't fix all your problems on our own. But we can provide the tools to reward the open-minded. Start with Pipeline API and see what it can do for you.
  • Performance. The web is slowing down due to an over-reliance on client-side JavaScript. The best way to fix this is to move functionality server-side. But server-side logic can seem hard.
  • Simplicity. We've spent three years creating an open source, server-side and client-side data pipeline to aggregate many micro services: Pipeline API is the result. And it's not just the data services we provide, but those by other companies like location services – and your own.
  • First party data. The web is becoming increasingly hostile to so-called “third party data services”. Moving all data and services to first party is the best way to future-proof your business. That's why our services on the cloud can be deployed on-premise, on your web server, and client side with framework-independent JavaScript routing data via your domain servers or to third parties. Did we mention it's easy to build your own?
  • Access. From free trial periods, to legal T&Cs written for the layman (no Latin legalese) and source code on GitHub, we're open for your business.

Data rewards the curious. All the more so when you have a helping hand.

Setting the standard

In the thirteen years since James Rosewell founded 51Degrees, we've set the standard in device detection. Here are just some of the milestones we're proudest of.

Q2 2024

Added 51Degrees device data to Prebid modules.

Q2 2023

Improved our performance algorithm to better detect build versions of browsers and platforms.


Released full User-Agent Client Hints support to our service.


Launched Secure Web Addressibility Network (SWAN) with fellow tech-industry professionals.

Q4 2020

Founded Movement for an Open Web.

Q2 2020

First extensible, open source, data pipeline supporting device detection, location, and many more services. Launched version 4 of our Device Detection.

Q1 2020

First device detection business to achieve ISO 9001 and 27001 accreditations.


First company to achieve 98% verifiable TAC coverage.


First device detection solution to contain more than 1,000,000 active device combinations.


First sub-microsecond device detection solution patent applied for (granted 2019).


First device detection patent granted and first native app support added.


First device detection solution to add data about device price and chipsets.


First device detection solution to break one million detections per second – without caching.

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