Ad tech

Ad tech

In a programmatic market that hinges on data-driven decisions, better data means better decisions. Simple, right? And when yours is faster, deeper, more accurate, and more reliable than the rest, it's also your competitive advantage.

  • Precise contextual targeting. Want to sell edible umbrellas to rain-drenched, urban, Android mobile users with cash to splash during their lunch breaks? It's never been easier, with pin-sharp targeting based on device type, price, OS, location, and much more. Fill those data gaps in the Open RTB process.
  • Optimizing creative. Better than responsive web design, our real-time device intelligence lets you deliver creative that's perfectly formed for each device. Then, our enhanced analytics helps you to optimize future designs.
  • Greater viewability. What use is killer creative if nobody sees it? Exchange auctions happen quickly, and with over 22 million detections per second, we get you targeted ads seen on screen, faster.
  • Play in the first-party world. In a world where the third-party is being demonized, going first-party solves a host of problems and future proofs your business. Make the switch with 51Degrees.
  • Bot combat. Ad fraud is a continual challenge… for companies that don't use 51Degrees. Our device intelligence smells non-human traffic from a mile away to stop it wreaking havoc on your analytics, budgets, and creative decisions.
  • Team Internet AG
  • Mantis Ad Network (37818442)
  • Acuityads

“51Degrees provides highly accurate device detection in a fast-paced and dynamic ecosystem with new phone models, OS versions and platforms announced almost daily”

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