TAC intelligence

TAC intelligence

For mobile network operators, service providers, and phone recyclers, Type Allocation Codes (TACs) are a valuable tool in device tracking. Our TAC intelligence takes these unassuming eight-digit wonders and transforms them into fountains of insight to power your business.

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Why use TAC intelligence?

To win in the mobile network game, you need to keep technology working and customers happy. This can all hinge on the quality of your data.

When you rely on a single data source, things can start to unravel. It's common for providers to repackage manufacturer's pre-production device data or data scraped from the web without verifying its integrity.

As a result, TAC data is often inaccurate, incomplete, or out of date. This leaves your business exposed to long-standing problems, like duplicated, inactive, or even unauthorized TACs that are actively used by manufacturers.

Mobile compatibility problems and other customer issues can strike at any time. With the wild variation in specifications and functions of devices today, troubleshooting technical hiccups can feel like looking for a needle in a haystack.

Thankfully, TAC intelligence solves these problems and many more.

What is TAC intelligence?

What is TAC intelligence?

A Type Allocation Code is the first eight digits of a mobile device's 15-digit International Mobile Equipment Identity (IMEI) number. Each code is like a fingerprint – a unique identity for every model of wireless phone used on a Global System for Mobile (GSM) Communication network.

TAC only apply to GSM wireless devices with a SIM card. Desktop computers, Wi-Fi-only tablets, and CDMA-only devices didn't get an invite to this party!

In the telecoms industry, network operators and service providers often use this data to keep track of SIM devices active on their networks. When you augment TACs with detailed, dependable data on hundreds of corresponding device properties, the business possibilities get a lot more interesting. Properties like the price, release date, chipsets, video support, radio spectrum, and standards bring an additional dimension to any analysis.

Mobile network operators and service providers can use TAC for seamless troubleshooting, tailored marketing, and stronger security.
Before TAC intelligence
Before TAC intelligence

Eight little digits with a humble calling in life.

After TAC intelligence
After TAC intelligence

A brilliant, unique source of insight into device performance and customer behavior.

How does TAC intelligence work?

Want to give your network real-time data superpowers? It just takes a clever piece of API code. Here's how it works.



Each TAC generated by users on your network is mapped against detailed device data.

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You get useful insights into network traffic based on more than 200 verified data points.

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Ooo. Who would have thought 45% of our IoT traffic comes from just one vendor's modem?



These insights help you get better business results across your organization.


Active TACs covered


Duplicate TACs identified

Get started with TAC intelligence

Every day, we manually research and map TAC data to cover new device profiles and properties. We carefully index by User-Agents and native application keys to give you a single, unified TAC database you can bet your business on.

Our TAC intelligence can be used in both the cloud or on-premise. To get started using the cloud, create a Resource Key with your desired properties from our Cloud Configurator.

To get started with on-premise hosting, you will need to get in touch with us to arrange a License Key. Once you have set up the code from our GitHub, this Key will grant you access to download the on-premise TAC data.

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  • Unmatched accuracy. Because all our data is verifiable against multiple authoritative sources, we give you confidence others can't.
  • Reliable coverage. Our database covers 98.41% of active devices (all that are currently significant and verifiable in the real world).
  • Seamless integration. Choose data formats that fit perfectly into your existing analytics and business intelligence tools.
  • Complete solution. Our unified database is indexed for TAC, web, and apps, for use over both Wi-Fi and cellular networks.
  • Trusted source. We check whether pre-release device specifications change on release, so your data is always true.
  • No surprises. Know every device registered against a TAC, including the 2.18% of TAC data that's duplicated across multiple devices.

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We could just give you the world's best TAC intelligence and leave it there. But it gets better.

  • Multiple real-time data sources in one speedy request
  • Supports most popular web frameworks and programming languages
  • Seamless switching between cloud and on-premise services
  • And much more
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