Mobile networks

Mobile networks

Enhance a device’s TAC (taken from the IMEI) with additional device specific information, such as price band, model, and hardware.

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TAC information is a powerful tool for mobile network operators. Derived from the first eight digits of an IMEI number, the TAC identifies wireless mobile devices on the GSM network.

Keeping track of all the TACs can be time-consuming and costly. You may also be missing out on enhanced device-specific insight.

The 51Degrees TAC service matches the TAC to other device information such as hardware, operating system, or multimedia technologies. We can easily navigate different naming conventions between vendors and identify duplicate TACs for an accurate, up-to-date database.

With this additional device insight, you can be confident in your business decisions.

What data points can you detect?

What data points can you detect?

We map TAC data across multiple data properties, including 4G, 5G, NFC connections, and radio frequencies. We have many other properties related to the hardware or physical device attributes such as screen size or processors.

Other non-tangible properties we can detect are the device’s price at launch or age.

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You could use TAC for:

Your customer service team can troubleshoot specific device features with ease, thanks to comprehensive device data. Create quicker resolutions, better customer experiences, and more upselling opportunities.

Handset recyclers and resellers can save time researching information on the wireless device by using 51Degrees. Identify device specifications from a TAC such as the price at launch or the age of the device.

Understand customer behavior in real-time with device insight, improving results through sharper targeting and analysis. Optimize content by screen size, troubleshoot device-specific performance issues, or tailor promotions by device price and age. In-depth device data drives smarter business decisions.

Network operators and vendors, insurers, and recycling companies are increasingly using TAC to enhance cybersecurity. Validate that the device characteristics match the TAC information to help authenticate devices and prevent fraud.

See how our customers are benefiting with real-time data.

How to start using 51Degrees

Accurate device detection for mobile operators

We can provide a TAC CSV data file that you can easily import into your systems. Or you can integrate the TAC service directly.

51Degrees has different deployment methods, including cloud and on-premise. For cloud, you will need to create a Resource Key with your desired properties from our Cloud Configurator. After creating your Resource Key, we will provide you with code to implement.

We have documentation for each API language to get you started with on-premise device detection.

You can access a free 30-day trial by contacting us for more information.

What makes 51Degrees stand out from the crowd?

  • Our free trial gives you access to all the data, so you can make an informed decision.
  • Various deployment options in a range of API languages, all provided open-source and free via GitHub.
  • We’re an ISO 9001 and 27001 certified company, so you can trust in our high-quality service.
  • Our Data team update our device database of 2,837,348 combinations daily. We source our data from real devices, vendors, or optional usage sharing. We don’t cut corners by scraping the web.