Case study Team Internet


Team Internet AG, a Matomy Media Group company founded in 2010, is a leading provider of services in the direct navigation search market.

The company grew from the domain monetization space. The founders believed there was a significant lack of suitable solutions in the marketplace and grasped the opportunity to fill the gap with their own purpose-built platform.

Team Internet has evolved to become a specialist advertising technology company, focusing on providing scalable monetization solutions and platforms. Its main products include Parking Crew, which provides monetization services to domain owners, and DNTX, an advertising marketplace for desktop and mobile traffic sources. Team Internet's products currently reach more than one billion visitors per month.

Team Internet calls in 51Degrees to maximize customer's advertising impact

The Challenge

Prior to the implementation of 51Degrees Device Detection, Team Internet used an established device detection library. However, it was not detailed or granular enough to reliably offer the device details requested by its customers. Parking Crew and DNTX needed to accurately identify the user’s device so that advertisers could ensure their ads were both targeted and relevant to maximize results and revenue.

For DNTX, built on Node.js, customers buying targeted traffic sought more detailed information and granular control over the traffic they purchased. For example, Team Internet customers wanted the flexibility to target particular campaigns to specific devices in selected countries.

The Parking Crew service had similar challenges, mainly because their previous device detection solution lacked the ability to accurately differentiate tablet devices. By immediately excluding tablet users, a large proportion of customers did not experience an optimized, tablet-friendly webpage. For advertisers, it is possible that some adverts may not have appeared in full or may not have been visible at all.

Team Internet understood the lack of tablet identification could severely affect revenue and brand reputation.

The Solution

It was decided that Team Internet needed to replace their existing solution with a more accurate and reliable professionally maintained product. After testing various solutions, Team Internet selected 51Degrees due to its superior accuracy and speed.

51Degrees offers the best accuracy and performance. It was the obvious choice. Mario WitteCTO, Team Internet AG

51Degrees can detect 2,746,142 unique combinations of browser, operating system, and hardware across a database of 84,779 hardware device profiles. Essentially, if any smartphone or tablet hit any of Team Internet’s customer sites, 51Degrees is able to detect it quickly and accurately.

The selection of 51Degrees was further cemented by superior customer-support levels from the 51Degrees team, who were readily available throughout the test and ensured the implementation ran smoothly.

During the process, it became apparent that the existing API was not available in Team Internet’s preferred Node.js language. 51Degrees’ developer community quickly solved this by creating a Node.js solution to work alongside PHP.

The Result

Team Internet Chart
Device Type Share of Web Traffic July 2015

ParkingCrew has experienced a significant improvement in the accuracy of detecting devices since partnering with 51Degrees. Prior to the implementation of 51Degrees, it experienced difficulty recognizing and correctly targeting tablet devices. Now, ParkingCrew can build targeted landing pages that are optimized for tablets and allow navigation by finger rather than mouse.

Team Internet carried out an A/B test to measure the accuracy of the new solution and found a significant increase in the number of templates connecting to the correct end user. This improvement directly impacts revenue, ensuring Team Internet’s advertising clients are targeting in the optimal manner and that the overall web experience is optimized for each end user, no matter what device they are using.

About Device Detection

Device detection empowers a web page to understand a great deal of information about the device that is visiting the site prior to making a decision about the content to send to it. This could include information on browser type and capability, processing power of the device, and screen resolution, to name but three of thousands of categories.

Device detection is an important facet of personalization but does not require a user to register or share personal preferences. Armed with this information, websites can send content that is not only optimized for detailed device specifications but also contextualizes the likely environment of the user, delivering a better user experience.

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