Did you know that 53% of mobile visits are abandoned if a page doesn't load within three seconds?* Luckily, our real-time data can help you build a smarter, speedier website that keeps your users coming back for more and advertisers clamoring to put dollars in your pocket.

  • Lightning-fast page loading. Rather than crippling mobile devices with all the usual content, serve light-weight pages specifically for mobile. Less data is transferred, meaning content and ads appear on screen much quicker. Think of the extra revenue that scoring 100 on Google Pagespeed Insights will bring.
  • Amazing mobile experiences. Upgrade your responsive, one-size-fits-all approach to mobile devices to take full advantage of adaptive coding and style for each device. Wow your visitors with content flawlessly optimized for the unique specs of their screen. It's like deploying Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) everywhere!
  • Personalized content. Knowing more about a user's device and location means you can provide relevant content and personalized experiences without needing them to register or share personal preferences.
  • Higher ad revenues. Faster ad loading, optimized creative, and smarter contextual targeting means your website gets advertisers the levels of views and clicks that your competitors can only dream of.

*Source: DoubleClick

  • Architecture & Design AU
  • SamMobile
  •, a.s.
  • Fandom, Inc.

“We chose 51Degrees to supply the device database for because it delivers stable up-to-date information, high performance, and the flexibility to include our own rules. A great benefit is the NGINX API that will help us integrate the new solution into our systems.”

Tomáš Werner


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