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Optimize To Maximize Revenue

Lightweight site content prevents slow page loading and abandoned site visits. 51Degrees enables content and advertising requests to be optimized for every user’s device. Try an adaptive approach with server-side optimization fuelled with accurate device data and do not fear the m.dot site! Improve user experience, drive engagement and increase advertising revenue with 51Degrees Device Intelligence.

The Problems Still Plaguing Publishers in a Mobile World

"Good user experience is vital, and the only way to do this is to adapt coding and style for each device type. Upgrading to 51Degrees Device Data gave us this ability and enabled us to offer a great experience to all of our users."

Paolo Stremin - Portal Manager - 24.com


  • With the sheer amount of information publishers naturally want to give to their users, often their mobile sites have huge page load times which results in abandoned page visits and ads not being viewed.
  • A “one size fits all” misconception regarding responsive web design convinced many senior managers in the past that Google would not rank their website well if they didn’t make the change to RWD.
  • Many organizations are working under the misconception that server-side header bidding is harder than client side.


  • Increase user engagement

    With detailed granular device information you can leverage the server-side optimization process and provide faster loading, tailored content for real users, resulting in an improved user experience.

  • Increase revenue from Advertising spend

    Server-side header bidding starts the request for advertising at the earliest possible point in the page delivery process. This provides a competitive advantage and increases Ad revenue.

  • Create lighter weight content

    Get lighter weight pages which will decrease page loading times, reduce page abandonment rates and increase Ad viewability and conversions.

  • Identify Non-Human Traffic

    Customize ad creative for real users not 'bots'. Non-Human traffic costs advertisers money as inaccurate analytics will inflate advertisers' budgets. 

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Complements The Way You Work

  • 1Analyze – Plugin 51degrees to your exisiting systems and see a more granular level of detail about the devices used..
  • Grow revenue for Adtech
  • 2Design – Create lighter weight content optimised for a better, faster user experience.
  • 3Implement – Discover performance improvements with enhanced viewability, improved audience targeting and ROI.

Want To Know More About How Device Detection Can Work For Your Business?

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51Degrees Now Help More Than 1.5 million Websites Support Different Mobile Device Types Ensuring A Better User Experience And Increased Revenue.

Find out how we can transform your business today.

  • Ensure your website does you justice and engage all targets regardless of screen size. Many of the world’s leading brands including Subway, eBay, Disney ,and Hyundai all use device intelligence to ensure their web visitors get the best experience and convert to customers or ambassadors for your brand.

  • The ability to quickly segment audiences, target appropriately and optimize ad creative based on accurate analytics is vital for Adtech companies. 51Degrees delivers comprehensive device intelligence which enhances your existing analytics by identifying key attributes like screen size, bandwidth and device price. Critical data for mobile website and app users that other platforms do not provide.