9% revenue boost to publishers with 51Degrees and Prebid


4/30/2024 12:45 PM

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Setting the standard for Prebid integrations

Adding 51Degrees Device Detection to Prebid modules results in a 9% CPM increase for publishers.

Established in 2011, 51Degrees is the only ISO 9001/27001 certified, open source, commercially maintained, freemium device detection vendor.

Prebid is an open-source suite of products designed to enable publishers to implement header bidding for advertising.

Modules are available for Prebid.js, prebid-server, and prebid-server-java – we have solutions for cloud and on-premise implementations.


How does it work?

51Degrees enriches the OpenRTB device object with accurate device type, hardware model, browser, and operating system details. Also included is Apple iPhone model categorization.

Additional codes for device model, operating system version, browser version, and optional non-human crawlers (not in the free service) are added into the device.ext.fiftyonedegrees_deviceid field.

The OpenRTB ecosystem can efficiently decode these values with a subscription to 51Degrees device data.


Publishers have a lot on their plate. Signal loss, the deprecation of third-party cookies in Chrome, Artificial Intelligence, and the fragmented privacy laws in the USA – all are complex and uncertain.

In this world of chaos, banking a meaningful improvement in publisher revenue will ensure you get the most value from your advertising space.

Pre-release trialists observed a statistically significant increase in CPMs of 9%, having enriched OpenRTB with 51Degrees data.

51Degrees with Prebid pays for itself in days. It’s a no brainer for publishers and their suppliers. CEO of trialist**Trialist disclosed the anonymized data to verify the claims but has chosen to remain anonymous to maintain their competitive advantage.

The raw data used for the experiment is available to those that wish to validate the claim. Contact us to access the anonymized raw log data.

Getting started

We have step-by-step guides to start using the 51Degrees Prebid device detection solutions:

The open-source code is not baked into a native application so it’s easy to trial for a few hours to see the benefits.

Need a little help? For a limited time, our engineers can help modify Prebid modules and adaptors to use the free 51Degrees device data. To discuss this, please contact us.