Case study DeviceForensIQ


DeviceForensIQ provides software as a service (SaaS) based products that help combat fraud in the Market Research industry. Their sophisticated and cost-effective service recognizes fraudsters, bots, and high-risk transactions on the web.

DeviceForensIQ engages in enterprise level partnerships which require analyzing real-time transactions and comparing them against hundreds of data points to detect fraudulent activity. A key part of this process is crawler, device, and emulator identification.

The Challenge

To ensure accurate insights across the Market Research ecosystem, DeviceForensIQ needs to analyze transactions in real-time to perform in-depth fraud forensics. This requires a complex solution.

Initially, DeviceForensIQ created their own detection solution, but began to struggle with the time requirements needed to maintain accuracy of the detection. With the constant expansion of the web and new devices used to access it, it became difficult for DeviceForensIQ to continually correct and update their database.

To maximize their time efficiency, DeviceForensIQ began looking for an outsourced device detection solution that could alleviate time pressures while maintaining accurate bot and automated behavior detection.


The Solution

After browsing the web for a device detection provider, 51Degrees was top of the class. Our device database contains over one million device combinations, all mapped to over 270 data properties.

These properties are mapped against the User-Agent string and User-Agent Client Hints (HTTP headers that contain information on the device browsing the web). The information found within these HTTP headers can help you differentiate between automated crawlers and real people.

In comparison to other providers, our device database accurately identified the attributes used by DeviceForensIQ to detect fraudulent activity in real-time.

I felt [51Degrees Device Detection] was the most accurate, fastest, and feature rich when comparing it against competitors. David St. PierreFounder, DeviceForensIQ

The Result

By switching from their own detection solution to 51Degrees, DeviceForensIQ were able to spend more time on their core fraud detection business. The accuracy of their fraud identification was also improved; they no longer needed to constantly update their internal solution to keep up with the ever-changing industry, where it’s easy to fall behind when new devices are released daily.

DeviceForensIQ found the implementation of the 51Degrees service to be easy and straightforward. We provide in-depth documentation and guides to help customers get started with either our cloud service or on-premise hosting.

Additionally, the team at 51Degrees and DeviceForensIQ discussed ways to make enhancements to each other's products, providing a win-win situation for all parties involved!

About Device Detection

For DeviceForensIQ, their goal is to provide the best fraud prevention tools early in the Market Research process, but they could not do it on their own. By using our database, they were able to add further details to help identify fraudulent activity in real-time.

With over 270 data properties available, our Device Detection can help you gather the information you need to succeed. Whether you need to identify fraudulent activity, filter out bot traffic to get to the heart of your audience, or find out what mobile phones people use to view your website, 51Degrees has the solution to your problem.

To get started with 51Degrees, look at our pricing plans to see which plan suits your business needs. Then, read our guide to getting started with either cloud or on-premise hosting. If you have any questions about 51Degrees, speak to our Sales team who will be happy to help.