Case study Advertise

Background are a Cost Per Action (CPA) affiliate media network who produce favorable conditions for both publishers and advertisers. Using their experience in online marketing, they have developed a unique platform that provides publishers access to exclusive offers, and advertisers an optimal place to buy digital advertising services.

As anyone in the ad tech industry knows, targeted ads are a necessary key to unlocking success. But success isn’t always possible when your data is lacking accuracy or is returned with inadequate speed. Thankfully, 51Degrees provided the perfect solution.

The Challenge

At the core of online advertising and ultimately, the web experience, you want your adverts to provide value to your users, thus encouraging them to click the ad.

One method of encouraging those all-important clicks is by ensuring that you serve adverts optimized for the device, including the wide range of smartphones and tablets available. For Advertise, they needed to detect crucial device properties from users who clicked the ads, including the make and model of the mobile device alongside the operating system.

With this device information, Advertise could be confident that the content they serve is displayed correctly regardless of the mobile device. But they couldn’t collect this information on their own.

The Solution

Harnessing the power of Device Detection, Advertise were able to enhance their ad platform with additional device information to really zero-in on what devices are used by their audience.

There are over 270 different properties available within our real-time data service, including over 120 properties specific to the device. Our device database contains all you’d ever need to know about a device, including its price at launch, screen size, and its age and date of release. Advertise used this information to create targeted ads for a specific set of smartphone or tablet users.

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The Result

Following the addition of 51Degrees Device Detection to their service, Advertise were able to provide a win-win situation for everyone.

Users saw valuable adverts that were more relevant, advertisers knew their ads were being seen by the right people, and publishers were able to provide higher ad revenues. And Advertise received greatly improved conversion rates on various mobile platforms. Device Detection helped make the process more effective.

About Device Detection

Advertise were previously using the free version of our Device Detection, but decided to upgrade to our paid service.

Our free Device Detection is great to try on for size but is limited in the properties that are available. Our pricing page has all the differences between our free and paid service. By upgrading to our paid service, you gain access to more professional targeting capabilities.

To join Advertise in unlocking your mobile targeting potential, try our Device Detection today. Ask us about our free trial.