Case study Qverse / PIA Advertising


Qverse (which has since merged to form PIA Advertising) is a mobile advertising company offering holistic performance marketing solutions to help grow mobile brands and apps.

With Qverse, marketers can run effective mobile branding and user acquisition campaigns. But this can only be done with a data driven approach – there needs to be accurate information on the devices used by the targeted audience in order to optimize the campaigns to their full potential.

The Challenge

Qverse process 20-30 million clicks per day and each of these clicks needs to be analyzed to provide highly targeted mobile campaigns to different user profiles. To do this, information on the user’s device (including details on the mobile device hardware, browser, and operating system) needs to be uncovered from the accompanying User-Agent.

To manually process millions of clicks each day would take an immense number of resources, so Qverse needed a solution that would automatically collect the data into an easy to analyze format. The most efficient way to gather this information in such large quantities with unparalleled accuracy is with device detection.

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The Solution

With key requirements in mind, Qverse set about choosing a device detection provider. The solution to their problem needed to have:

  • High levels of accuracy when detecting devices.
  • Great levels of performance for an on-premise deployment.
  • Support for .NET Core.

After reviewing several other device detection providers, 51Degrees were cream of the crop for Qverse.

During the selection process of the device detection providers, we were considering a set of requirements like costs, accuracy, and performance. 51Degrees was the undisputed winner. Ion SapovalSVP Technology and Engineering, Qverse

The Result

With 51Degrees’ Device Detection taking the sting out of analyzing millions of clicks, Qverse now has access to a huge amount of user device data. The accuracy of their mobile branding and user acquisition campaigns was improved with more tailored targeting, helping their customers to achieve better results.

Qverse were also able to manage their time and resources more efficiently: performance bottlenecks caused by slow, real-time device detection were removed, and maintenance and support time was decreased due to the auto-update functionality that comes with the 51Degrees on-premise solution.

Not only that, but after a year with 51Degreees, Qverse upgraded from version 3 of our Device Detection to version 4. The newer version of our service includes performance improvements, better cross-platform support based on .NET core, a data file with improved device accuracy, and new features.

About Device Detection

With more information on your user’s device, you can make informed decisions based on your target audience. For example, if you, like Qverse, are a company specializing in mobile-based operations, it pays off to know exactly what mobile devices your audience use so you can optimize accordingly.

Like the sound of Device Detection? Get started with a License Key and follow the quickstart Device Detection guide to unlock a world of opportunities.