Case study Adsterra


Adsterra are a global advertising and CPA (cost per action) affiliate network. They offer an easy-to-use platform to help advertisers grow their return on investment, and publishers to increase their revenue.

Since their formation in 2013, clients have raved about Adsterra’s self-serving advertising platform, which has detailed tracking and targeting features available. High-quality service with clear and effective technology is their driving force in the ad tech market.

The Challenge

To win in the CPA affiliate game, Adsterra needed to provide an exceptional ad targeting service to ensure adverts were shown to the relevant audience. Personalization based on devices such as desktop, phone, or tablet, is imperative.

Towards the start of their business journey, Adsterra relied on an open-source device detection database for their targeting abilities. However, it was rarely updated with new devices and software, and was also limited in the technical support for less popular programming languages.

The importance of accuracy can never be understated where advertisers and publishers are concerned, so it was time to look for another solution.

Wooden blocks with icons representing targeting of users

The Solution

After searching online, Adsterra came across 51Degrees. They chose our Device Detection service as the price, high level of quality, and the service had all the characteristics they needed to get the job done.

One of the key factors they considered when deciding on a device detection solution was the frequency of updates – timely updates to the device database means accurate audience targeting of newer devices. They also required a solution that has support for the Go programming language, which as a less popular language, is harder to come by.

It’s a no-brainer that Adsterra chose us: our device database is updated daily with the latest device information and we have support for numerous programming languages.

The Result

Adsterra offer numerous options for granular targeting to improve campaign optimization. By implementing 51Degrees Device Detection, their clients can be confident that they are targeting the right audience. Additionally, with support for Golang, our service was easy to integrate into the company’s existing platform.

Adsterra also made the leap to upgrade to Version 4 of our service. One of the biggest improvements from Version 3 to Version 4 is the support for User Agent Client Hints (UA-CH). Without it, more modern devices and browsers are unable to be detected; Windows 11 is only detectable with UA-CH, and in the coming months, Chromium will fully reduce the User Agent HTTP request header in favor of UA-CH.

About Device Detection

Our device database is mapped to over 270 different device properties, including device model, screen size, age, or price band to help companies provide the best user experience. We also have the capability of detecting bot traffic with the ‘IsCrawler’ property, which helps filter out pesky automated traffic. Within the advertising industry, understanding whether the clicks are legitimate is essential.

To join Adsterra in using Version 4 of our service, please follow our upgrading guide if you are on Version 3. Or to get started with 51Degrees, ask us about a free trial of our services. If you have any questions, please get in touch.