Case study AdSupply


AdSupply is a US based online ad network specializing in rich media content. They reach over 50 million active daily consumers and have close to a billion impressions per month on their network.

They work with a wide range of advertisers on complex campaigns that deliver anything from online video to full landing page interstitials.

Consequently, they have developed a powerful targeting system in their platform to ensure that views are provided to the appropriate users.

The Challenge

The growth of mobile web means that advertisers want to effectively present their content to a fast growing number of smartphones and tablets, all with different screen size and capabilities.

AdSupply’s content is much more complex than simple banner images.

They have a sophisticated framework of delivery technology utilizing Javascript, HTML5, Flash, and more. In order to deliver a great experience for mobile users, it was essential to recognize hundreds of different properties for mobile devices and seamlessly integrate this data into their platform.

The Solution

AdSupply shortlisted suppliers of mobile device data and undertook a complete evaluation based on:

  • Reliability of the device lookup
  • Depth and language of the API
  • Performance of the API
  • Ease of integration
  • Frequency and ease of database updates
  • Cost

The Result

Integrating 51Degrees in their network enabled AdSupply to deliver rich media content to mobile devices, without compromising the speed and reliability demanded by their clients. In fact, less than 1 millisecond has been added to the total response time.

Our products have been designed to work for hobbyists using WordPress blogs to the largest web sites in the world. I’m delighted AdSupply are the first major advertising network to make the switch to 51Degrees. James RosewellCEO, 51Degrees

About Device Detection

Device detection empowers a web page to understand a great deal of information about the device that is visiting the site prior to making a decision about the content to send to it. This could include information on browser type and capability, processing power of the device, and screen resolution, to name but three of thousands of categories.

Device detection is an important facet of personalization but does not require a user to register or share personal preferences. Armed with this information, websites can send content that is not only optimized for detailed device specifications but also contextualizes the likely environment of the user, delivering a better user experience.

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