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Google Acknowledge Web Broken From Revenue Perspective

"Publishers around the world use the mobile web to reach these readers, but the experience can often leave a lot to be desired." - Google 7th October 2015

Now that Google supported by the authoritative voices of Adobe, BBC, The Wall Street Journal, The Guardian and many more have recognised the problem and stated different mobile web content is the best way to deliver performance and revenue on mobile it's time to upgrade responsive.

51Degrees users already know that using THE fastest and most accurate device detection designed this decade for the modern web delivers benefits. Read on to learn more from existing 51Degrees customers.


Read about how Home Shopping Network (HSN) reduced web site complexity to deliver changes faster.

Learn how device detection enables On Device Research to create optimised surveys quickly.

HSN On Device Research


Understand how Loterie Nationale use device detection to optimise processes and user interfaces to increase lottery entries.

Learn how Give Me Sport increased advertising revenue from tablets by 40%.

Loterie Nationale Give Me Sport

User Experience

See how Betfred adapt content and processes for different devices to improve the customer experience.

Learn how FocusVision improved survey completion rates on Smartphone and Tablet with device detection.

Betfred FocusVision


Discover how Team Internet a Matomy Company increased advertising revenue with device detection.

Learn how Lin Media optimised their billions of advertising transactions to improve click through rates.

Team Internet Lin Media