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Official Distribution Methods - Version 3

51Degrees device detector can either be downloaded from sourceforge in case you wish to integrate it in to your website or project or it can be downloaded through the official distribution system of Wordpress and Drupal if you wish to use the detector for either CMS. The sourceforge distribution also includes archives with both Wordpress and Drupal plugins for manual install.

Only Wordpress and Drupal CMS are currently supported. As in Version 2, you can obtain updates for the plugins through official means of plugin update delivery for your CMS.

As of Version 3, PHP device detector data comes in 3 flavours:

  1. Lite - free to use data with 30 000 devices and 40 device properties. Included in all distributions by default.
  2. Premium - pay-for version with 70 000 devices, regular automatic updates and even more properties.
  3. Enterprise - pay-for version with over 150 000 devices, daily updates and additional scripts to improve accuracy for iPhone detections and scripts to monitor bandwidth.

Please visit the Compare Data Options page for more information and visual comparisson table. For a full list of supported properties please visit the Property Dictionary .

When upgrading to Premium or Enterprise only the data file will change, not the underlying PHP code. Wordpress and Drupal both have an interface that allows you to upgrade simply by inserting a license key we will send you after purchase and pressing "Automatically Upgrade".

Official Distribution Methods - Version 2

The 51Degrees Device Detector for PHP comes with one of two embedded data sets: Lite and Premium. See the Device Detection page to learn how detection works. To compare Lite and Premium products visit the Compare Data Options page.

Device Detection with Lite Data is open source under the Mozilla Public Licence v2 and is hosted on Sourceforge.

Device Detection with Premium Data is available on the downloads page. You will be prompted for your licence key before being able to download the detector.

PHP solutions contain Lite data file in the package. If you have a premium licence key you can use the Automatic Updates to get new data.