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This guide covers how to quickly install the 51Degrees Device Detection plug-in for Wordpress. You should already have Wordpress 3.4 or above before installing the detector. See the Wordpress documentation for instructions on how to install Wordpress .

Also note that some Wordpress hosts do not allow third party plugins. If you run into problems you should check the hosts policy on plugins.

  1. Within the admin area of your Wordpress installation select Plugins from the left hand menu. This will bring up a list of installed plugins.
  2. Underneath the Plugins section there will now be a menu link that reads Add New . Select this.
  3. install_img2

  4. A search box will appear within the main window. Type 51Degrees and select the Search Plugins button. This will show all the plugins that are hosted within the Wordpress directory and have been authored by 51Degrees.
  5. install_img2

  6. Under the title of the plugin that reads 51Degrees Device Detection select the Install Now option. A window may appear asking if you are sure about installing the plugin. Select Yes or Ok to begin installation process.
  7. install_img2

  8. When complete the screen will change stating "Successfully installed the plugin 51Degrees Device Detection". At this point select the link that reads Activate Plugin .
  9. install_img2

  10. With the plugin activated 51Degrees will appear in the left hand menu. Selecting 51Degrees will display options associated with the plugin enabling detection and optimisation features. The context help tab at the top right hand corner of the Wordpress page, or the following instructions on this page, can be used to learn how to configure the available options.

If you encounter problems during the installation check the Troubleshooting section.