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Configuring PHP C extension


Add the following lines to the php.ini file:


This setting tells the server where to find the device detection extension. The location may be different on your system. The last step in the installation instruction should print to console the path the extension was installed to.


This line tells the detector where the data file is located. Remember to uncompress the data file and make sure the detector has sufficient read access.


This line controls how many worksets will be initially created upon module startup. Additional worksets will be created when required.

To find the location of the php.ini file on your system use the phpinfo() function and search for the 'Configuration File (php.ini) Path'. When you update the php.ini file you will need to restart your Web server.

Restarting the Web server

In order for the above changes to take effect the Web server needs to be restarted to reload the php.ini file.

									service apache2 restart


The command to restart the Web server may be different on your system. Please consult the documentation for your system.