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Using Enterprise and Premium Data Files

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There are two ways to use your Enterprise or Premium data file with 51Degrees PHP device detector.

  1. Place the file into ' core ' directory and rename it to 51Degrees.dat .
  2. Alternatively, you can place the file in any other location but update the 51Degrees $_fiftyone_degrees_data_file_path; config value. This value is located in 51Degrees.php file inside the ' core ' directory.

Lite data file is distributed with the detector by default. If the detector is unable to find or use an Enterprise or a Premium data file, Lite file is used instead. Lite data file is located within 'core' directory along with PHP detector files.

To verify which data file the detector is currently using you can access the $_51d['DataFile'] property. It displays the full local path to the data file and the name of the data file in use.


To learn how to use Premium or Enterprise data for Wordpress please visit the Wordpress Premium Data page.