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Premium Data

These instructions explain how to update your device data. To see how to configure the plugin see the configuration page .

The current version of device data and the data that it was published is shown at the bottom of the plugin. If you have purchased a licence key or wish to check for upgraded data follow these instructions.

Since Version 3 the plugin no longer needs to be upgraded, only the data file.

Automatic Update

To update the data file automatically follow these steps:

  1. In your Wordpress Admin area navigate to 51Degrees page and input your license key in to 'Upgrade Device Data' field and press 'Automatically Update':

  2. A new page will be displayed that shows the progress of the Update:

  3. If the update was successful you will see the the 'Data Type' changed to Premium if you were using Lite data file. And Published date will also change.


Manual Update

If the automatic update failed for some reason or your hosting does not allow file changes and data downloads from external websites you can update the data file manually. In order to do so follow these steps:

Prior to Version 3 there was a Premium plugin version. This is no longer the case. Since version 3 the Wordpress plugin does not need to be replaced with a Premium version. Enterprise and Premium users can now upload their data files and plugin will check for the corresponding data files automatically.

  1. To download the file manually you can either press the 'Download Upgraded Plugin' link next to the 'Automatically Update' button, or open Premium Downloads Page in your browser.
  2. You may need to input your key in to the form to validate it. The Premium downloads page will come up where you can choose and download the Binary V3 file.
  3. Now you need to upload the data file to '/wp-content/plugins/51degreesmobi/51Degrees/51Degrees.dat' on your website's server, replacing any older data file with the same name. Important: The data file you download from is called 51Degrees- Something V3_1.dat which needs to be renamed to 51Degrees.dat, otherwise Lite data file will be used.
  4. To verify that the update was successful navigate to settings page in the Wordpress admin menu. The line at the bottom will say which Data Type you are using.

If the update didn't work, make sure the file successfully transferred by checking md5 or SHA checksums and that you have at least set read permissions for the data file.

Important Note

Plugin update wipes 51Degrees plugin folder completely, removing all files in 51Degrees folder including the data file. If you added the data file manually you will need to upload the data file again after plugin update.