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This guide will show you how to install and activate the 51Degrees plugin for Drupal 7 and the Library API , a dependency of the 51Degrees Drupal plugin. Before continuing you should have Drupal set up and installed .

  1. You should first download and install the Library API . This module is used by several other modules to use software libraries that are not exclusively used with Drupal. In our case the Library API is used to link to the 51Degrees Detector without packaging it in the Drupal plugin.

    As the Libraries API is used by so many other modules you may already have it installed. To check: go to Modules page in your Drupal admin area and scroll down the list until you see a table called 'OTHER'. If you already have it installed make sure it is enabled.


    To install, you simply need to download either the tar.gz or the zip from the Library API page and install it from your websites module page.

  2. Now the 51Degrees module should be installed. Just like the Library API, the package needs to be installed via the module page. The plugin can be downloaded from the plugin page .

  3. Device data needs to be added to the installation before activating the plugin. In your Drupal installation directory look for sites/all/libraries. If the libraries folder does not exist, create it (it must be at sites/all/libraries). Copy in the core folder from the 51Degrees Detector zip file into a folder named 51Degrees. The filepath of the 51Degrees.php file should be /sites/all/libraries/core/51Degrees.php.

  4. Finally, the Library API and the 51Degrees Module need to be enabled. In the module page, select their checkboxes and click 'Save Configuration'

  5. You should now be able to see '51Degrees in the Configuration page of your website, under the 'System' section.


If you encounter problems during the installation check the Troubleshooting section.

To configure the module to redirect and retheme different device types, see the Drupal Configuration page.