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Data Updates

The detector has a built in method for downloading and installing new data for premium users. Before proceeding, you will need to add your licence to your 51Degrees installation.

You can do this by saving your licence key to a simple text file and naming it 51D.lic. Note that the name of the file isn't important, only that it is a txt file and has the .lic extension.

Now that the licence is added, all that's needed is to update. In the core 51Degrees directory you will see the file '51Degrees_update.php'. Request this file from your browser to begin an update.

You will then see the browser showing update progress. If you see something like the following screen the update was a success. Please also note that in some browsers this information will only be displayed once the update is done, the browser itself would look like it's loading something. The Premium and Enterprise data files are fairly large, so please allow some time for the update process to finish.