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This guide will show you how to install and activate the 51Degrees plugin into Joomla 2.5 Before continuing you will need to have your PHP environment set up and Joomla already installed. Read more about installing Joomla .

1. Download the lastest version of 51Degrees Detection Module from Sourceforge .

2. The plugin will need to be uploaded to your Joomla site. From the administration area go to 'Extension' -> 'Extension Manager'.


3. In the 'Upload Package Manager' section, click 'Choose File' and select the 51Degrees Joomla package from earlier. Then press 'Upload & Install'.


4. Joomla will install the plugin (this may take a few minutes depending on your upload and server speed). When it completes you will see a blue 'Installation Complete' message. If you hover over the 'Components' menu you will see the 51Degrees-mobi is now available. However, another step is required before it is fully functional.


The 51Degrees plugin for Joomla is actually two plugins, one to provide the menu to create switcher rules, the other to do the switching itself. Because the switcher plugin changes core system behaviour it must be enabled manually.


5. Go the 'Manage' tab from the 'Extension Manager' and find press the red button next to 51Degrees Switcher.

You will now be able to use the 51Degrees option from the component menu. ComponentMenu