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This guide will explain how to use the 51Degrees Device Detection plugin. To install the plugin you should see the Installation Guide .

When the plugin is installed and activated 51Degrees is visible under the left hand Settings menu allowing you to control how your site will respond to visitors from difference device types. For example; SmartPhones, Tablets and standard browsers could all receive different themes optimised for their unique capabilities such as touch or screen size. There are options to change the theme used with the page, or redirect the visitor to another URL depending on the requesting device type.

Within the plugin setting you will see six distinct areas that effect the display for your visitors:

  1. At the top of the settings page are the rules tabs. Select Create Rule to add the first rule. Select the tab name to change it to something more meaningful to you. Select the + symbol to add additional rules. Rules are evaluated in order from left to right. The first one which matches the requesting device is used to control the response.

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  3. Below the Rules tabs are tick boxes for basic properties that can be used to adjust which types of devices will be affected by the rule. Selecting one or more of these property tick boxes associates the rule to the device type. For example; to apply a rule to Tablet devices only you would select the Tablet tick box and none of the others.
  4. You may need to upgrade the plugin to activate all the properties.


  5. Within the Advanced Properties section it is possible to further customise the rule using more properties.
  6. For example; if you would like your rule to apply to devices with a screen resolution of 800x480 pixels then you would select the IsMobile, ScreenPixelsHeight and ScreenPixelsWidth tickboxes and set their Value boxes to True, 800 and 480 respectively. 

    More properties are available to choose from when the plugin is upgraded. The free plugin provided from the Wordpress plugins menu contains basic properties only. Learn more


  7. The action controls how the site responds to requests from matching devices. Two possible actions are available:

    1. Change the theme to one more suited to the requesting devices capabilities. For example, on small screen devices, less important content can be omitted or smaller banner ads can be displayed.
    2. Redirect the request to another web site more suited to the device.
  8. A drop down list in the Action area contains a list of all the installed themes. One of these can be chosen for use with the rule. Alternatively the [Redirect to url] option can be selected and a text box will appear to the right of the drop down list. This is where a new URL can be placed to redirect all requests from devices matching the rule.


  9. Select the Save Rule button to save your settings.
  10. At this point, whenever a visitors comes to your site using a device that matches the properties selected they will be re-directed to a different site, or the theme altered depending on your settings. If no rules match, the Wordpress site will continue to display content as it did prior to the installation of the plugin.

  11. Other options available are:
    • Delete - removes the rule.
    • Increase Priority - the rule will be evaluated before other lower priority rules.
    • Decrease Priority - the rule will be evaluated after other higher priority rules.
  12. The Global Settings section includes an option to share usage data with 51Degrees helping us continual improve our products. Learn more about sharing usage data .
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  14. If you subscribe to Device Data , input your licence key into the box at the bottom of the page. You can then use the Automatically Update button to download new device data.
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