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Starts a process which reads user agents from stdIn and returns CSV format properties and values for the matching device via stdOut. Uses the Pattern matching detection routine.

When running type a user agent, or any string for testing, followed by enter to view the matched device properties. Provide an empty string to terminate the process.

ProcPat [Data file path] [Properties]

  • [Data file path] A source data file in Pattern format.

  • [Properties] A comma separated list of properties to be returned. If not provided Id will be used.

    For example: Id,IsMobile will return the Id of the matched device and True or False to indicate if the device is a mobile.

    See the Property Dictionary for a list of valid properties.

Example: ProcPat data/51Degrees-Lite.dat IsMobile,Id

Enter user agent strings to view the returned Id and IsMobile values, or an empty string to quit.