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This program does not build on Microsoft compilers as it depends on GCC features. However, program was tested on both 32 and 64 bit Windows 7 with MinGW . The included makefile (used under Linux and OsX) was used to build the program. For a 32 bit Windows machine only Lite data files can be used. This is due to large quantity of memory that is needed for Premium and Enterprise Trie files can not be allocated on a 32 bit architecture. For a 64 bit Windows machine all 3 types of Trie files work.

Runs a performance test using multiple threads and a data file of user agent strings as input. Uses the Trie matching detection routine which is very fast, but uses a lot of memory.

PerfTrie [Trie data file] [Useragents file] [Properties]

  • [Trie data file] A path to a Trie data file.

  • [Useragents file] A path to a list of user agents to be used in the performance test. contains a test file of one million user agents for testing purposes.

  • [Properties] A comma separated list of properties to be returned. If not provided Id will be used.

    For example: Id,IsMobile will return the Id of the matched device and True or False to indicate if the device is a mobile.

    See the Property Dictionary for a list of valid properties.

Example: PerfTrie data/51Degrees-Lite.trie million.csv Id,IsMobile

This program requires no input. It will test with the given data and output detection times at the end. This will take several minutes.