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Premium Data

51Degrees_C_3.x archive can be downloaded from sourceforge and contains Lite Trie and Lite Pattern data files, both files are located in the 'data' directory and are free to use in your device detection programs. As of version 3 the only difference between the pay-for and free version is the data file. The data files now come in 3 flavours, as follows:

  1. Lite - free to use data with 30 000 devices and 40 device properties. Included in all distributions by default.
  2. Premium - pay-for version with 70 000 devices, regular automatic updates and even more properties.
  3. Enterprise - pay-for version with over 150 000 devices, over 150 device properties, daily updates and additional scripts to improve accuracy for iPhone detections and scripts to monitor bandwidth.

Please visit the Compare Data Options page for more information and a visual comparisson table. For a full list of supported device properties please visit the Property Dictionary .