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Interactive Aggregated Web Analytics - Beta


GET STARTED: Choose a standard template from the drop down list to the left. Use the pivot grid below the chart to update the analysis. Learn more from the user guide.

% Device Count for Android Vendors in United States

The chart showing Samsung series, LG series, Motorola series, HTC series, ZTE series.
The type of chart used to display the results.
Reverses the data series and the X axis values.
When selected labels will appear on the chart.

The number of rows displayed in the grid and used by the chart.
The measurement unit used in the results.
Controls if all the total columns are displayed in the chart.
Controls if all the total rows are displayed in the chart.
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Is Mobile[Filtered]
Platform Name[Filtered]
Client Country[Filtered]
Year Month[Filtered]
Hardware Vendor(Descending)[Filtered]
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User Guide


Get started by using the Templates drop down list at the top of the page. This will pre-populate a chart and grid with commonly requested information. The results can then be changed using the grid below the chart. The grid has been designed to be easy to use by anyone familiar with Excel pivot grids.

Analytics Data & Fields

The chart and grid shows the number of unique devices accessing web sites running 51Degrees. A device accessing a web site that requests either 1 page, 100 pages, or more will be counted only once.

The Client Country field indicates the country the requesting device is located in. Therefore a device in Australia accessing a web site hosted in the United States will be recorded as Australia. Use the Server Country to use the country the server is located in.

The Year Month field enhances the separate Year and Month fields for easier ordering and analysis.

The Device Type field enhances the IsMobile and IsTablet fields for easier analysis.

All other fields are described on the Property Dictionary page.

Pivot Grid - Fields

Use the pivot grid under the chart to customise the selected template.

Fields can be dragged from the right hand Pivot Grid Field list and placed into 3 areas of the grid.

Analytics Grid
  • The top Filter Fields area can be used to filter the data displayed in the grid. For example; if the results should exclude devices without camera the HasCamera field would be placed here and the drop down menu used to select the True value only.

  • The left Row Fields area should be used to drop the fields which will form the data series of the accompanying chart. For example; if the data series should be HardwareVendor then this field would be placed here.

  • The middle Column Fields area is where the fields that are measured should be placed. For example; if the count of devices by HardwareVendor by month is required the Year Month field would be placed here.

When a field is no longer required it can be dragged back to the list of fields on the far right hand side of the chart.

Multiple fields can be placed in each of the three areas. Fields can be dragged to the left or right of an existing field. Before the field can be dropped white arrows like the ones shown below must appear.

Adding pivot properties

When multiple fields are present in the row or column areas a plus/minus sign like the one shown in below appears to the left of the fields to enable child values to be expanded or collapsed.

Multi-property fields

Filtering & Sorting

A little arrow pointing down appears to the far right of any field placed in the grid. Left clicking on this arrow displays a list of possible values and check boxes to decided if the value is included or excluded in the results.

Left clicking on a row field changes the sort order. The row field can also be right clicked to display a menu which includes sort options.

Right click on column field values to control sort order. A menu like the one shown below will appear.

Filter by column


51Degrees Mobile Analytics has been designed to be intuitive to use for those familiar with Excel pivot grids. If you have any questions or feedback please contact us via this web site.

Key Features

51Degrees Mobile Analytics helps you:

  • Identify mobile devices and browser usage by country
  • Determine the popular mobile handsets you should design for
  • Discover potential new markets for mobile services
  • Compare monthly usage to spot new trends