Which is the Most Popular Third-Party Android Browser?


11/15/2013 4:54 PM

Android Opera Analysis

Chart of the Week

Earlier this week, African mobile operator MTN renewed their agreement with Opera software to offer a customised version of the Opera Mini mobile web browser. This week 51Degrees takes a look at web traffic originating from third-party (non-Google) android mobile web browsers in the United States.

United States Mobile Web Traffic - Third-Party Android Browser Share


Opera mobile seems to be the most popular third-party android browser being used in the United States, with over 76% of the web traffic share. Interestingly Mozilla and Amazon's android browsers have lost ground to the increasingly popular Opera mobile browser.

Indian Mobile Web Traffic - Third-Party Android Browser Share


Although the Opera mobile browser has gained ground in the US, emerging markets such as India have seen a decline in Opera popularity. UC Mobile is now more popular in India than any other third-party android mobile browser with a traffic share of 53.42%.

With more third-party android mobile browsers being released, will we see established browser vendors such as Opera lose more traffic share? Or are these upcoming android browsers just a novelty?