How many mobile devices are capable of LTE (4G) connections?


7/19/2013 3:41 PM

Mobile 4G Analysis

EE released their 'double speed' 4G in the UK earlier this month and showed off their new 'shared 4G plans'. This week 51Degrees take a look at how the percentage of mobile devices that browse the web with 4G capabilities.

Web Traffic from LTE (4G) Capable Mobile Devices


Inventors of 4G- South Korea , are still leading the revolution with over 35% of mobile devices now containing 4G capabilities. Now the nation is leading the charge on 'LTE-advanced' 4G networks, with SK Telecom making the announcement earlier last month.

Both Germany and the United States seem to be slowly adopting 4G capable devices, with a small surge last month. This seems to align with the completion of the US 4G-LTE rollout last month, which now covers 95% of the US population.

Surprisingly web traffic from Indian 4G capable mobile devices is nearly aligned with the European leaders. This comes as a shock due to no phones or tablets available that are compatible with the Indian TD LTE frequency #40 (2.3 GHz). This shows that Indian consumers are purchasing and using 4G capable devices, without being able to utilise the faster speeds with an LTE network.

90% of US mobile devices still do not have the capability of 4G-LTE, meaning we still have to be very conscious of how much data our websites are sending to mobiles.