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What’s wrong with DMEXCO.com?

Does the fresh 2018 web site embody best practice digital marketing?

The casual visitor arriving from social media links would be forgiven for answering "not a lot". A different answer presents itself when considering DMEXCO’s revenue model and key stakeholder requirements.

Using examples and plenty of screen shots this blog demonstrates the shortcomings of the 2018 DMEXCO web site before assessing the business implications and techniques available to resolve.

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Calculate Maximum Size of a Value String

Use C# to determine the longest value returned from device detection

51Degrees device detection solutions include rich and consistent meta data. Available properties and values can be returned from a 51Degrees data set object instance. This blog shows how to work out the length of the longest value that can be returned. The information can be used to allocate sufficient space to store results.

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Categories: Development

Tags: C#, Meta Data