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51Degrees was founded in April 2010 when we released an open source version of an ASP.NET module to detect mobile devices and redirect initial requests from these devices to a mobile friendly home page optimized for the small screen. This project, now titled 51Degrees Foundation, is freely available on Codeplex.

The Foundation is being continually updated to support new mobile devices and features requested by developers. Our goal is to maintain a fully open source server-side multi device detection solution.

Why the name 51Degrees?

We're based in Reading, a UK town west of London. Reading's northern latitude is 51 degrees. As knowing a mobile devices location is such a major component of a great mobile user experience, we reckoned it was an appropriate name. How much more successful would a mobile web application be if it placed likely options relevant to the current location at the top of a list for easier selection, or avoided the use of a small and awkward keyboard to request an address or place name? It really is as simple as that!

Company Details

51Degrees.mobi Limited is a UK based privately held limited company.

Registered Company Number: 7397529

VAT number: GB 105 0599 36

Correspondence address:

9 Greyfriars Rd,
RG1 1NU.
United Kingdom

Registered Office:

5 Charlotte Close,
RG4 7BY.
United Kingdom

Professional Services

In addition to the products available from this web site we provide consultancy and professional services covering:

Strategy - because defining a genuine business need and the associated return on investment for a proposed mobile web site or service is the first thing any organisation should consider.  Our experience in business and technology means we can ensure you've set realistic goals that complement your organisation's aims.

Architecture - ensuring the I.T. architecture and design is fit for purpose before you begin will help establish a strong foundation for the success of your mobile project.

Development - we can seed your existing .NET development team with experienced mobile developers, who will train and transfer knowledge during the project.

Architecture and Development services are charged on an hourly rate of $250. Strategy services are charged on an hourly rate at $400. Please contact us to discuss your precise requirement.