Nokia - thinking ahead


11/17/2014 3:34 PM

Nokia News

What's next for Nokia?

What's all this about?

To cut a long story short: Nokia needs to re-invent itself. Now that Lumia is being rebranded as Microsoft, Nokia needs to choose a new course for future development. Some sources suggest Nokia will try out mobile software development.

Monday 17th of November 2014

So far there are a lot of tweets with #thinkingahead, all suggesting Nokia is up to something big. This is also expected to be tied to the 2014 SLUSH conference, scheduled to take place on the 18th and 19th of November. Sebastian Nyström - Head of Product Business at Nokia Technologies is expected to present a talk on 'silver stage' at 11.25.

Tuesday 18th of November 2014

So, the black box has been opened and we see that Nokia are back in the hardware business with their brand new Nokia N1 tablet. Twitter: N1Android, NokiaN1

Nokia N1 device specs:

So, the black box was opened and we see Nokia is back in hardware business with it's brand new Nokia N1 tablet.

At first glance the device looks amazing. It is stylish and neat. Real eye candy.

The tablet release announcement was also used to kick off Nokia Z Launcher.

In a way Z launcher is what Microsoft has done in Windows 8, when you are in the tiles menu you can start typing and you get a selection of programs. The difference is that Nokia's Z launcher allows you to scribble a letter and apparently it adapts over time. This feature is long overdue for mobile devices.

Lessons Learned?

We were promised an exciting week by Nokia and in a way they lived up to it. But Nokia did not live up to all expectations. Quite a few people out there were hoping that Nokia would bring back its Symbian Operating System. Make it better, faster and more secure. Unfortunately this did not happen.

Perhaps the most important conclusion is that Nokia is not leaving the consumer market and we can expect future products. Now the question is: will Nokia be able to regain even a fraction of its former popularity with consumers?