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11/17/2014 3:34 PM

Nokia - thinking ahead

What's next for Nokia?

On Monday the 17th of November 2014 Nokia has announced an exciting week ahead. What does Nokia have to say about its future, now that Microsoft has taken over Lumia series of smart phones? Find out in this blog post. Updated daily to reflect changes. Updated 20/11/2014



10/30/2014 4:29 PM

What hardware do you get for the same price range?

Canvas Blaze MT500, Lumia 625 and GALAXY GRAND Neo+

Take 3 phones of 3 different OEM from the same price range. Will you get the same hardware and will Brand influence cost?


Data Team

9/9/2014 7:24 AM

IFA Roundup: Nokia

Lumia 830

The Internationale Funkausstellung Berlin 2014 (IFA) has is almost complete and for the last five days we have seen a vast array of new smartphones, tablets, smartwatches and mobile accessories. Microsoft and Nokia recently treated us to three brand new devices known as the Lumia 830, Lumia 730 and Lumia 735.


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8/21/2014 11:33 AM

Will Microsoft's decision to make Opera Mini a default browser on feature phones impact browser's market share?

Chart Of The Week

In this chart of the week we will look at how Microsoft's recent decision to make Opera Mini the default browser on Nokia's Asha, S30 and S40 series phones will impact the browser's popularity and market share. We will examine the current market share of Opera Mini on global scale, among other Nokia phones and investigate how popular Opera Mini is among the current users of Nokia's Asha, S30 and S40 series phones.


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8/8/2014 2:01 PM

Do Local Brands Really Pose a Threat for International Smartphone Vendors?

Chart Of The Week

In this chart of the week we will examine claims that local smartphone vendors pose a threat to major international mobile device manufacturers like Apple, HTC, Samsung, Huawei and Nokia. We will look at 4 largest Asian markets: China, India, Japan and South Korea with some surprising results.

Screen Shot 2014-08-01 at 13

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8/1/2014 10:11 AM

Windows Phone Web Traffic from Nokia Devices in 2014

Chart Of The Week

This Chart of the Week re-visits one of the older blog posts concerning global web traffic originating from Windows Phone devices. We look at how things have changed since August 2013 for the 5 top Windows Phone manufacturers: Nokia, HTC, Samsung, Huawei and LG.


Data Team

4/3/2014 12:01 PM

Nokia X- first Nokia's Android smartphone

This week a combination of 154 new profiles have been added to our database.

Nokia has unveiled its new smartphone running Google's Android. It allows discovering and downloading hundreds of thousands of the world's popular Android apps.


Data Team

3/19/2014 5:08 PM

Nokia Lumia 1320 and A Range Of New Browsers Added This Week

Device Data Update

This week a combination of 173 new hardware devices, browsers and operating systems have been added to the device detection database. You can now download our latest Premium Device Detection Data, or upgrade now if you do not already benefit from our Premium service.


Data Team

1/29/2014 4:13 PM

World's First Flexible Smartphone Added to Device Detection

Device Data Update

This week a combination of 241 new hardware devices, new browsers and new operating system versions have been added to the device detection database. Continuing with our theme of last week by adding more devices seen at the CES show in Las Vegas.


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11/29/2013 11:27 AM

How Much Windows Phone Web Traffic Comes from Nokia Devices?

Chart of the Week

AdDuplex released a report earlier this week stating that Nokia controls 90% of the windows phone market. This week 51Degrees takes a look at web traffic originating from global windows phone devices.