Most Popular Screen Resolution in April for Smartphones

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5/18/2015 1:15 PM

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What is the Display Resolution?

The display resolution is the width and height dimensions of an electronic visual display device in pixels. A higher display resolution in a display of the same size means that displayed content appears sharper.

51Degrees shares data on the most popular Screen Resolution for Smartphones during April 2015. Apple devices are not included.


The chart shows us the Top 5 Screen Resolutions which account for around 87% of all of them. The most popular was 1920x1080 with 33.56%.

Last April 51Degrees added devices such as the Asus ZenFone 2 with 1280x720 screen resolution and 5.5 inches of display.

Other examples are;

  • Nokia Lumia 435; 800x480 of resolution and 4.0 inches.
  • Lenovo S668T; 960x540 of resolution and 4.7 inches.
  • Samsung Galaxy S6; 2560x1440 and 5.1 inches.

Top 5 Screen Resolution Evolution

This last year has seen resolution evolution.

Screen Resolution April 2014 April 2015
1920x1080 24.54% 33.56%
1280x720 24.82% 21.11%
800x480 24.16% 17.53%
960x540 7.92% 10.68%
2560x1440 0.00% 4.03%
480X320 7.44% 3.61%
Others 8.20% 9.17%

The biggest news looks to be the increase in popularity of the screen resolutions at the highest end of the spectrum. We see the 1920x1080 emerging at the top; almost +10% of market share on this time last year; it shows the biggest percentage change of any of the resolutions and also now holds the no.1 slot. Last year's most popular, the 1280x720 has dropped by about 3.5% to position 2, but this still holds 21.1% which remains a significant share. The other significant change has been with the highest screen resolution of all, the 2560x1440. This is a new entry to the figures and currently has 4% of market share and is definitely one to watch over the coming months.

Popularity of Screen Resolution in April 2015 in different countries

The next pie charts represent the smartphone users of screen resolution in different countries in April.


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