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Published on Monday, April 18, 2011

Independent Analysis shows 51Degrees.mobi Makes ASP.NET 969% Faster on Mobile Devices

Transition Consulting Limited (TCL), testing experts in the field of mobile telecommunications with clients including Vodafone and Orange, undertook an independent test of the 51Degrees.mobi .NET Mobile Framework product. TCL created two functionally and visually identical web sites. One used standard ASP.NET, the other ASP.NET with 51Degrees.mobi enhancements. Using the MobiOne iPhone Emulator's resource monitoring features TCL recorded the performance of the two applications in a controlled bandwidth environment. The high level results are shown below.

Summary Graph - End user response time in ms for first 3 page requests.

The full test report can be downloaded here.

James Rosewell says "We've worked hard to create a product that will not only support all mobile device's and platforms, but also create a fantastic user experience. Fast end user performance is a critical component of user experience. Web sites designed for the desktop browser and broadband connections are never going to work well on a mobile device with it's small screen and a variable bandwidth mobile data connection."

To experience 51Degrees.mobi using this web browser, your mobile device, or 100s of mobile devices connected via the internet click here.

If you're a developer download 51Degrees.mobi .NET Mobile Framework and try our tutorials with Visual Studio now.

Transition Consulting Limited (TCL) To find out more about TCL and their test services click here.

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