51Degrees.mobi Offers Detailed Mobile Analytics From Over 620,000,000 Unique Devices a Month

Products Team

1/18/2013 4:19 PM

Analytics News

Over 320,000 servers are already using 51Degrees.mobi to provide great mobile web experiences. Journalists, Researchers, Advertisers, Network Operators, Handset and Browser vendors are provided with unrivalled business intelligence and data.

Mobile data aggregated from over 620,000,000 unique devices every month drives our business intelligence tools, enabling reports by manufacturer, country and specific device capabilities. For example; we can tell how many Windows Phones, iOS and Android (or any other platform) devices browsed the web in India 1 hour ago.

In the first 8 years following the burst of the dotcom bubble web site owners saw relatively little change to the devices and browsers accessing their web site. Web enabled mobile phones and tablets have changed this. The pace of change is quickening as wearable technology such as Google's Glasses, Smart TVs and games consoles evolve. Businesses now need to decide how to support these devices and ensure they have a future proof mobile strategy.

51Degrees.mobi provides the real time device detection needed to optimise content cost effectively for mobile. By integrating with existing Content Management Systems deployment is simple, low risk and cost effective. This approach is increasingly preferable to solutions which either require a separate web site, native application or attempt to automatically adapt big screen web sites for the small screen.

Supporting 19 of the world's leading Content Management platforms, content viewed on mobile handsets can be adapted easily by web site owners and developers to create an optimum mobile user experience. Our tools complement emerging design techniques such as Responsive Design.

51Degrees.mobi is over 99.9% accurate and contains more than 11,800 device combinations. Over 320,000 servers are already using our device detection to provide their users with great mobile web experiences.

51Degrees.mobi is maintained by a professional team, offers weekly data updates and technical support.