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8/1/2017 2:33 PM

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How Adtech players can benefit from 51Degrees new enhanced device intelligence solution.

Reaffirming position as #1 for device intelligence

LONDON, August 1, 2017- 51Degrees, the #1 device intelligence specialist, today announces the open trial of its new device detection algorithm. Delivering performance improvements with faster detections per second and reduced memory requirements compared to other high-performance algorithms, this achievement cements 51Degrees' position as the leading device intelligence provider.

The new algorithm is achieving:

  • 22 million+ detections per second - >3x faster than other solutions*
  • Better than 99.9% industry leading matching accuracy
  • 114MB fully initialised main memory requirement - 25% memory usage of competitors
  • As low as 1MB memory overhead with caching
  • Incorporates over 43,658 unique active global hardware models
  • 739,877 device combinations of hardware, operating system and browser tracked
  • Builds on 51Degrees' patented technology

For more details refer to 51Degrees performance blog.

For Demand Side Platforms (DSPs) and ad exchanges, every fraction of a millisecond counts when deciding how to respond to advertising opportunities.

To provide compelling and profitable advertising Adtech businesses operating real time bidding platforms need accurate information about end user's devices and browsers. As header bidding grows in importance the ability to provide actionable intelligence quickly has never been more important. Being slow or getting the bid wrong eats into the bottom line.

51Degrees' enhanced algorithm builds on existing patented techniques to generate device signatures which are faster to evaluate in real time without compromising their market leading accuracy or coverage. The enhancement is easy to deploy for developers as it uses the same interface as existing APIs.

For businesses processing 10s of billions of advertising events per day this enhancement will directly translate into both cost savings and profit compared to legacy regular expression character based solutions even when optimised with caching technology. Compact data files reduce memory consumption meaning smaller and cheaper virtual machine instances can be utilised. This is a significant benefit for businesses with 1000s of cloud server instances.

James Rosewell, CEO and Founder at 51Degrees, said: "51Degrees was quick to recognise the performance requirements for server side header bidding and the growth of programmatic advertising. Over the last year we've re-engineered the device detection process from the ground up to meet the specific requirements of Adtech customers. I'm delighted we're now unveiling this development to customers and prospects to trial. Any business using regular expression techniques with XML or JSON data files needs to join this free trial and experience for themselves the improvements 51Degrees has achieved in performance, accuracy and breadth. They won't be disappointed."

Rosewell adds: "Just consider this year alone we've added 202,418 device combinations to our database representing a major challenge for legacy suppliers who either need to compromise on device breadth or performance.** 2017 is the year to re-evaluate your device intelligence provider as the technology has improved significantly since 51Degrees entered the market in 2011."

Compare 51Degrees to other device intelligence providers.

About 51Degrees

51Degrees is the only open source device detection company designed in the current decade for the next decade. Future-proofed through innovative patented technology, its cost-effective, risk-free device detection solutions enable customer-led organisations to create a great web experience.

The company already has a portfolio of granted device detection patents in Europe and the US, and the new high-performance algorithm is patent pending. Its ability to deliver even faster results, with better than 99.9% accuracy demonstrates 51Degrees is clearly leading the way in device intelligence innovation. Other notable industry firsts include: native apps support, performance and accuracy milestones, inclusion of pricing information, date and software status data, and the simple identification of data-minimising browsers such as Opera or UC Browser. Read about more firsts.

51Degrees is headquartered in Reading, UK. Over 1.5 million websites already get critical device information from 51Degrees such as size, model, vendor, price, age, video support, and device type.

For more information view our case studies.

*Tested using Dual 2.2Ghz Intel Xeon E5-2660 v2 10 Core CPU Windows Server 2012 server with unique random sample of 10 million current real world User-Agents. For more details refer to 51Degrees performance blog

**Refers to the number of device combinations added since 1st January 2017 until 28th July 2017

Originally published in PRNewswire on August 1st 2017

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