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Industry Firsts

#1 Device Intelligence

Since launching in 2011 we've changed the device detection industry being the first to introduce native app support, pricing data, and meaningful metrics such as device combinations.

Find out how 51Degrees reset the device detection standard with industry firsts.

  • 5th December 2011

    Vendor Only Data / Pricing

    First to launch a product where data is only obtained from vendor data sources, not screen scraped or forked from WURFL. Launched transparent game changing per server pricing enabling universal access to device detection.

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  • 1st January 2013

    Break The 5M Barrier

    51Degrees publish information to demonstrate how they break the 5m detections per second barrier.

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  • 16th December 2013

    GSMA Partnership

    First device detection company to work with the GSMA to produce best practice guidelines for mobile web.

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  • 3rd April 2014

    Pricing Information Added

    Included device pricing information and price band property into product.

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  • 27th May 2014

    Launch Binary Data Format / False Positives

    Engineering first restructuring device data storage and techniques to support the future web with millions of device combinations and identification of false positives. No longer uses slow formats like XML or JSON.

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  • 19th February 2016

    Native App Support

    51Degrees indexed for use with native apps.

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  • 17th March 2016

    EU and US Patents Granted

    51Degrees is the first to receive a device detection patent in Europe, alongside its US Patents.

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  • 15th February 2017

    Proxy Browser Support

    IsDataMinimising property added to enable customers to detect cost sensitive users.

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  • 1st August 2017

    New Hash Trie Algorithm

    51Degrees announces the open trial of our new enhanced device detection algorithm. Delivering performance improvements with faster detections per second and reduced memory requirements compared to other high-performance algorithms.

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  • 6th September 2018

    1,000,000 Device Combinations

    Reached 1,000,000 device combinations of hardware models, operating systems and web browsers.

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  • 25th February 2019

    51Degrees Achieves 98.07% Verifiable TAC Device Detection Coverage

    51Degrees' device intelligence solution for Wi-Fi and cellular network operators now achieves over 98.07% coverage for TAC. This means there is now a verifiable, multi-data, independent source of accurate TAC device data.

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  • 15th May 2019

    51Degrees AdTech Focused Patent Granted

    51Degrees sub-microsecond device detection solution is granted a European patent, strengthening 51Degrees' established patent portfolio.

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