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Act now The User-Agent is changing

Google is removing information from the Chrome User-Agent, decreasing the accuracy of many User-Agent parsers. The 51Degrees User-Agent solution has support for Google's changes.

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The User-Agent freeze

After 1 February 2023, your free, open-source, or internal User-Agent solutions may not be accurate

As part of the Privacy Sandbox, Google is reducing device information within Chrome User-Agents. Instead, device model information will only be sent via the new User Agent Client Hints. Google has already started removing device information, and the next phase of the removal will be 1 February 2023.

Before February, you need to update your websites and products to prepare for the change. Without support for User Agent Client Hints, your existing internal, paid, or free open source User-Agent parsers may no longer be able to tell what device Chrome users are on.

Doing nothing may pose a huge risk to your business operations, websites, or products for over 64% of your audience. You can contact us to see how we can help you.

Detect User Agent Client Hints

Detect User Agent Client Hints

51Degrees can help you identify the User-Agent alongside other HTTP headers to give an accurate device detection.

We've been preparing for Google's User-Agent reduction since it was announced in early 2020. Now, Version 4.4 of our service contains full support for the User-Agent reduction and User Agent Client Hints.

You can use our free, open-source User-Agent parser to detect devices with User Agent Client Hints alongside the User-Agent.