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Act now The User-Agent has changed

Google has removed information from the Chrome User-Agent, decreasing the accuracy of many User-Agent parsers. The 51Degrees User-Agent solution has support for Google's changes.

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The User-Agent reduction

Your free, open-source, or internal User-Agent solutions may not be accurate

As part of the Privacy Sandbox, Google introduced the User-Agent reduction, which involved freezing device information within Chrome User-Agents to fixed values. Now, device model information will only be sent via the new User-Agent Client Hints. The User-Agent reduction also applies to other Chromium-based browsers, like Edge or Opera.

Google concluded the User-Agent freeze in May 2023. In order to retain an accurate User-Agent solution, you need to update your websites and products to detect both the reduced User-Agent and User-Agent Client Hints. Without support for User-Agent Client Hints, your existing internal, paid, or free open source User-Agent parsers may no longer be able to tell what device Chromium users are on.

Doing nothing may pose a huge risk to your business operations, websites, or products for approximately 70% of your audience. You can contact us to see how we can help you.

Detect User-Agent Client Hints

Detect User-Agent Client Hints

51Degrees can help you identify the User-Agent alongside other HTTP headers to give an accurate device detection.

We've been preparing for Google's User-Agent reduction since it was announced in early 2020. Now, Version 4.4 of our service contains full support for the User-Agent reduction and User-Agent Client Hints.