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Last Post 22 Jan 2016 10:07 AM by  Ben Shillito
GZip encoding question
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New Member

New Member

14 Jan 2016 04:40 PM
    I noticed I sometimes get a gzip encoded response. I am sending the Accept-Encoding: gzip,deflate header every time. It seems to give me a gzipped response when I send the Accept: text/html header, but not with other accept headers such as Accept: application/json. What is the proper way I should call it? I was passing through the accept header since the documentation says send all the headers, but I am planning on just passing my own accept headers since passing these through is probably not the best idea. Any suggestions or recommendations regarding the gzip?

    Ben Shillito

    New Member

    New Member

    22 Jan 2016 10:07 AM
    The Accept and Accept-Encoding are not important headers used for the match, so you can quite happily change those without affecting the match. With that in mind I would suggest continuing to use Accept: text/html , and I will look into why text/json causes a problem.
    Another note, this may solve the problem in your other post about returning xml, if you were previously sending different Accept headers depending on the match.
    You are not authorized to post a reply.