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Latest API Documentation

General Documentation

  • Pattern Data Model

    Pattern Data Model

    Describes how various members of the 51Degrees data model such as Properties, Values and Signatures are related.
  • Migration Guide

    Migration Guide

    Due to an increase in the number of customers migrating from other device detection platforms we introduced Migrating Device Detection section. Page contains guides that help customers switch properties or capabilities used on other platforms to 51Degrees device properties.
  • How Device Detection Works

    How Device Detection Works

    Explains how the 51Degrees device detection solution works to match user agents to properties in the device database.
  • Automatic data updates

    Automatic data updates

    Documentation regarding 51Degrees device data updates. Learn how to obtain the latest device data if you are in our evaluation programme. Find out how our automatic data updates work and how our API communicates with the update server. See how license keys are used.
  • Maintaining Device Data

    Maintaining Device Data

    Explains where device data comes from, how it's managed, distributed and used on production servers.
  • Web Browsers Data Sources

    Web Browsers Data Sources

    51Degrees uses external data sources to verify browser property information. Sources and mapping rules are contained on this page.
  • Previous APIs

    Previous APIs

    Developer documentation for versions prior to the latest API version.