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Free Cloud Device Detection Subscription

Is this right for me?

If your operation processes 100,000s of requests a day, you need to know about the latest devices as soon as they’re launched. Our Enterprise solution is updated daily and provides SLA backed support. Evaluate Enterprise Data Now.

  • Monthly Data File updates made directly to our Cloud, so you don't have to do anything
  • Uses 51Degrees' Basic Data file which contains over 400,000 device combinations. 
  • Over 60 Device Properties, including;
    • Device Type
    • Browser Details
    • OS Details
  • Over 3,000 Available Values

For full details of the properties available in the Basic dataset please see our Property Dictionary page.

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This Product specification is intended to to provide a summary of the service's main features. It does not form part of the terms of licence, which can be read in full here: terms of licence

Free Cloud from 51Degrees is free to use. Although there is no expiry or time limit on the initial subscription, we are free to revoke your access to, or cease to provide, the service at any time.

In order to access the service you must complete an online order which will provide you with a unique, Free Cloud licence key.

Use of the licence key is not restricted by IP address, it can be used from any number of servers, IP address or domains.

You are only permitted to acquire (and subsequently use) a single Free Cloud licence key. 

The Free Cloud licence key will provide data from our Basic Data File. For details of the properties and frequency of update to this file please see here Property Dictionary 

All customer requests sent to the 51Degrees Cloud service must be via an SSL connection.

Usage is restricted to a maximum 100 requests per minute (a theoretical maximum of 4,320,000 per month). If this limit is exceeded at any time, we may downgrade the level of service that you receive when submitting requests.

Support is via our online forum which will be available for customer access 24/7.

We do not provide support in relation to Cloud Services. You should check our support forum where we, or other members of our community, may have addressed your issue.

We may update our website with service availability information and issues. However we do not provide any service level or support in respect to Cloud based services or issues you may experience, other that what may be available on our forum

51Degrees provides online documentation on how to set up and use this service. The customer is responsible for ensuring that they understand this and comply with any guidance issued by 51Degrees in respect of your configuration and error handling relating to the service. 

Please see the following links to our relevant terms and conditions.

For frequently asked question about our Cloud product please see:  Cloud Service FAQs

Want to know more technical stuff, then take a look here: Cloud Support Documentation

For legal stuff please refer to the Cloud Services Terms.


Free Cloud from 51Degrees

As it says on the tin, it's Free so nothing to pay, no credit card details to register, no grannies to sell - just put it in your basket and proceed through the checkout.

Once your Free order is complete we'll email you a licence key that you can use forever more without spending a penny.