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Enhanced Analytics

Add device intelligence to your existing analytics solution.

3D-enable your existing analytics tools with 51Degrees Enhanced Analytics

Physical screen size is one of the most important factors to consider when optimizing a web site for multi screen.

But surprisingly, many web site analysis solutions lose this information when they aggregate reports by mobile, tablet or desktop.

51Degrees Enhanced Analytics provides this missing information, along with other key insights about the device such as its retail price, who makes it and how quickly your pages are displayed to your users.

Upgrade and enhance your view today.

Want to know more about how device detection can work for your business?

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Upgrade Your Existing Analytics Tools

Typical Data Flow

Range of devices
arrow pointing down
Standard analysis tool
arrow pointing down
Basic device information as output of standard analysis tool

Basic information with critical decision-making information removed.

arrow pointing down
square representing incomplete picture

Upgraded with 51Degrees

Range of devices 2
arrow pointing down
basic analytics combined with analytics from 51Degrees
arrow pointing down
Range of devices 3

All device information including physical screen size, device price, input methods and network conditions retained.

arrow pointing down
51Degrees enhanced analytics adds extra dimension to device information

Enhanced device intelligence

Benefits of Enhanced Analysis

  • Richer Context: Understand how physical screen size, device price and page performance impact conversion and goal completion.

  • User Experience: Discover insights, test, and learn to continually improve with richer data from Enhanced Analytics.

  • Collaboration: Easy to integrate with existing business intelligence tools including Google Analytics, IBM, Adobe and Webtrends.

About the Technology

  • Free Open Source: Permissive open source licencing (Mozilla Public Licence 2) provides full access to source code and permits commercial use.

  • Platforms: Native APIs for .NET, Java, PHP, C, Python, Perl, NGINX, Varnish and Go are easy to deploy. Millions of web sites have already deployed.

  • Future Proof: Unlike competitor solutions built in the last decade when a few 1000 devices existed, 51Degrees' modern algorithms are designed to continuously deliver high performance as device combinations grow to a million and beyond.

  • Fastest: All detection performed on client equipment providing sub millisecond performance and negating the need for real time cloud detection services.

  • Content Management Systems: Integrates with more than 20 leading Content Management Systems making deployment and configuration a doddle.

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