Why efficient code matters for your website


11/16/2020 5:00 PM

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The true magic of an awesome website happens behind-the-scenes! Coding is the pillar of a responsive web design, it’s the key factor in indicating the quality of user experience.

If your eyes are the window to your soul, your website is the window to your brand. We all like looking at beautiful things so why should your website be any different? All cliches aside, having an attractive website is only half the battle – what’s inside is just as important. You want your website to give a fantastic lasting impression and encourage your customers to come back again and again.


Now that more and more of our population are going online for their wants and needs, more businesses than ever are putting heavier emphasis into their digital presence. Gone are the days of generic and clunky websites – responsive and sleek web design has made waves cross-industries and there are some who are absolutely killing it and some who are not. Who wants an Aston Martin that looks superb but runs on the engine from a Reliant Robin?

The true magic of an awesome website happens behind-the-scenes. Coding is the pillar of a website. Think of it as instructions that your website follows. If you have bad coding, you give your website bad instructions, and as a result, you get poor performance, poor experiences and technology that hinders your business’ success rather than contributing to it.

Read on as we uncover the importance of efficient coding and how it can put you at the top and smoke out the competition!


Let's talk about what happens if your website is built on sloppy code.

Page titles, meta descriptions, and links are all created and optimized in the back end of a website. Without these, you miss out on SEO opportunities, making you invisible in search results. This information may not be seen on your website’s pages but looking over this detail in the back end will have a strong negative impact on your SEO ranking (who doesn’t love seeing their website on the 1st page near the top?). You could solve this by paying for advertising but why do that when you can fix it in the engine-room?

Poorly written code doesn’t just make an impact on your online visibility, but also on how your website functions overall. You will inevitably experience malfunction and broken links, which will hinder your visitors from navigating through pages. This causes them to grow impatient and leave the website feeling unsatisfied and your revenue impacted. When the back end of your website is riddled with unnecessary code, it takes a huge chunk of time for a computer or mobile device to load and display the page. Slow-loading pages often lead to visitors exiting the page and moving on to a better performing website, which could be your competition.


Not only that, but your website also could end up looking clunky with text and images all out of place, especially if it is not optimized across different devices and media. Ensure your website is visible, searchable, and reaches the right audience who access the web across many methods from desktop to mobile to tablet – getting this right is essential. Sales pitch time! Click here to see how we can help with our Device Detection API.

Bad code entails slow performance, missed opportunities, unhappy shareholders and ultimately, frustrated users.

Enough of the negative, let’s move on to the promise of efficient and quality code!


So, what happens if you invest in well-written code? You give users a smooth and responsive website (that Aston Martin just got the right engine!), which are major factors in maximizing the quality of your user’s experiences and maximizing shareholder value. A website that’s built on a solid foundation will scale and adapt to a change in demand and will also work on all device-types and media, making it a seamless and happy experience.


Efficient code allows computers and mobile devices to load pages faster – no more waiting times for your visitors. Other than improved speed, visitors will be able to easily navigate through pages such as accessing menus, links, buttons, and filling out forms. No malfunctions, no zooming in/out or unnecessary scrolling, just a smooth and steady ride!

A website built on well-written code appears more enticing, sleek, and consistent. Creating visually appealing pages that are in line with your brand’s look and feel gives your audience a branded experience. Good code turns an ordinary website into a brand’s own digital world, evoking an online atmosphere that’s unique to their business.

What are your marketing, sales and finance departments looking for? Low bounce rate, high rankings, more click-throughs, more referrals, more registrations, more sales, low cost... the list goes on. Be efficient in the engine-room and leave your competitors for dust!

To top it all off, good code consolidates your analytics and reporting. This allows for easier monitoring since all of your tracking will continue to function and be condensed into a single report. Read more about how to setup 51Degrees and Google Analyics.

With awesome web design built on efficient code, expect impressed visitors, higher conversion rates and more revenue! You can unlock a plethora of opportunities that lets you make significant strides commercially in an increasingly-online world.

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At 51Degrees, ease of use and performance-oriented products are at the heart of our inventions. From Device Detection to TAC Intelligence, we support businesses in giving their customers only the best online experience. That’s why we put heavy focus on efficient code because we know just how important it is to create a website that’s consistently amazing on any device and internet speed.

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