Website Device Detection

David Manjra

1/25/2018 12:00 AM

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This blog originally appeared on handsetdetection.com and may not relate directly to 51Degrees.

We all share the same objective – To create the very best user interface (UI) and user experience (UX) for our website visitors.

In recent years, websites have been able to offer simple viewing adjustments, known as responsive sites, which makes slight adjustments to the site layout depending on what device is viewing – but it is basic and extremely limited.

There is a better way.

An enterprise grade way of ensuring the very best experience for users.

Handset Detection ‘device detection’. Running since 2008, our service gives you access to information relating to thousands of different devices viewing your website right now. With our server/cloud side detection API linkage to your site, you can instantly provide custom views for each and every visitor.

Engage enhanced compatibility for your users: A ‘same for all’ content policy just doesn’t work well. Some content doesn’t play nicely with the iPhone web browser and some content just doesn’t display correctly on android.

The joy of modern technology…

You can stop pushing unviewable and incompatible content to users on IOS right now and turn your android users browsing experience up to 11. Deliver perfect user experiences to all your customers.

To get started, sign up for one of our plans. If you are a business, we would recommend selecting one of our bullet-proof business plans with enterprise level SLAs.

Need data before undertaking extra work on your website? Start analysing traffic immediately using our web analytics service which can be viewed at your handsetdetection.com dashboard.

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